A Brave New World: How to Begin a New Career in an Emerging Market

It’s an understatement to say that the nation’s economy has undergone vast changes in the last 15 years. Most Americans have said good-bye to the idea of ‘earning your keep’ by putting in 8 to 10 ‘good’ hours of hard yet fulfilling labor-intensive work. While many of these labor-related positions still exist with contractors and skilled technicians happily toiling away in America’s homes, offices, highways, and factories; the truth remains that a new economy with new realities calls for new strategies to negotiate the ever-changing landscape.

So how do you trade in your well-worn work gloves for a seat at the terminal of one of America’s emerging industries?

With the steady array of dot-coms evolving into social media empires it takes a well qualified perspective to differentiate an I-Pod from a ThinkPad. While the task may sound relatively easy to some, it underscores the need to properly acquire a digital skill-set to go along with those that many have traditionally pursued.

Here are a few steps you can use to prepare for the growing reality of content managers, beta testing, and search engine optimization.

Build your backline

Update your education and training records, redo your resume to match new market standards, and gather all information related to your prior work experience. The process of preparing for entry into the ‘new’ economy begins with developing a solid base built on the proper organization of your previous experience and training.

Get training

Identify the elements of the emerging industry that require additional training on your part. This step will allow you to meet industry standards and develop a proper competitive perspective to present to potential employers. The training aspect of job preparation may be the most influential in your transition process. The change in industry standards combined with introduction of new technologies call for the need to meet the challenge of staying current regarding education and certification.


Hit the books or rather the keyboard and screen. Conducting thorough industry research should priority as you prepare to enter a new market. The ever evolving landscape of today’s emerging job markets present the challenge of remaining up to date on the latest trends, troubleshoots, and operational procedures. From the detailed specifics to the general aspects, every effort should be made to stay well informed on the latest industry updates.


Locate the experts, the newbies, and the hangers-on. Each individual or group will be vital to developing your presence in the industry. Your job opportunities may increase with the number of contacts you generate. This rather old-world technique may be just as effective in the new world of social networking and bulk e-mail.

Relax do ’20th Century’ stuff

Play a game of pick-up Basketball, or catch the latest new release. The need to negotiate the evolving world of a emerging industry should not overshadow your ‘20th century’ sensibilities. Take a break to recharge and stay current of world out side of pageviews and keyword optimization.

These are a just few tips to help your enter the 21st century job market in an efficient and well-rounded manner. Additional strategies will emerge as trends develop and the dynamics of the new normal continue to evolve.