Do’s And Don’ts Of Office Parties

Office parties are common around the holidays and several other times. They are a great way for people at work to interact without having to worry about the pressures of day to day office life. However, it is important to remember that office parties are not like parties with your friends. You and your co-workers will remember the behavior that everyone exhibits, so it is important to follow some basic guidelines when it comes to office parties. Here are some do’s and don’ts for the event.


The first thing you should do is make sure you attend an office party. Even if you don’t get along with co-workers or if you don’t feel like spending any more time with work people than you already do, it is important to remember an office party is a business function. If you do not show up, everyone will know it, including your boss. That sends a message to everyone that you have a negative attitude. Even if you don’t want to go, bite the bullet and make the best of the situation.

You also should enjoy yourself at an office party. That means talking to your co-workers, enjoying the food, and participating in the events. You don’t have to talk about work related stuff, but you can talk about other things. If you just attend the party in stand in the corner, people will get a negative impression of you.

You should also make sure you network and socialize with important people. If you want to advance in the company, an office party is a great opportunity to show bosses or other managers what kind of person you are. Take the time to shake hands, engage in conversations, and showcase your social ability. If you are allowed to bring a spouse to the office party, introduce her to everyone. This shows that you are a dedicated family man as well as valuing your work.


Remembering that an office party is a business function, there are several things you should never do. First and foremost, don’t drink too much. If alcohol is at the office party, it is okay to have a drink or two. But regardless of the amount of free booze, do not over indulge. If you become intoxicated, you will not only embarrass yourself in front of the entire office but you will also send a message that you don’t take things seriously. You also run the risk of doing or saying something that is inappropriate. No good can come from drinking at an office party.

You also don’t want to ruin a conversation. This means not talking only about work. It also means not gossiping or spreading rumors about other people. If you do this, it will inevitably come back to you. Engage in normal conversations about things like movies or sports. Keep everything appropriate and don’t use any profanity.

You shouldn’t flirt at an office party either. Even if you aren’t aiming to flirt, be aware of what you are projecting to other people. If a co-worker feels that you are flirting with them, it could have ramifications both at work and at home. It is okay to talk to female co-workers, but do not flirt with them in any way.

Lastly, don’t forget to express gratitude. That means thanking your boss as well as thanking the person who planned the event. Rather or not you enjoyed the party, someone spent a lot of time organizing it, and your company spent a lot of money to host it. You want to make sure you thank all of the necessary people. A simple handshake and thank you before leaving the party will suffice. This shows that you value the effort the other people in your office put forth.