How to Find Government Grants For Single Fathers

As a single parent, finding a financial threshold that is secure enough to support a family can be a daunting task. Having only one parent as the main custodian of a child takes twice the amount of love, time, and money in order to provide the comforts and support of two parental figures. Fathers who are alone and supporting one or more children find fewer supportive resources that are geared towards themselves, unlike single mothers who are often targeted for such support. This can make the challenges of raising a family on their own difficult for fathers, but it is only one more obstacle to overcome. Government grants are available for single fathers, just as they are for single mothers, and fathers only need to find out where they should look for them. While most grants do not have to be repaid, the grantor will require personal information and documentation as proof. Often the process is lengthy and may even feel intrusive, but do not become discouraged and remember that the main reason the grant is requested is to take care of the child in the home.

Basic Needs Aid
A single father who is looking for government grants to support himself and his children in meeting basic needs has options. Basic utilities, such as heating, electric, and water, are seen as necessities for humanity, and the federal government typically grants money to low-income families who apply. Money for food in the form of food vouchers is another government grant available for single fathers who are low-income. Section Eight, or the Housing Choice Voucher Program, is a federal government housing program that provides housing assistance to low-income families. Child Care Assistance through the federal government is also available for fathers who are working. For more information for any of the previously listed programs, visit the local Department of Family and Children Services to apply.

The next place to visit is local churches. Most of the time if the father is a member of a church, this is the first place he may go to ask for help. Otherwise the father can call local churches to see if they can provide financial support to him and his children. These organizations often have access to government grants and resources that are faith-based, and may even have social service programs set up just to help single fathers. For instance, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese has social service programs that can either provide grants or locate government assistance within their community, and is accessible by anyone who inquires at one of their many offices across the world.

Financial Aid for School
As a single father, continuing an education is vital to the well-being and success of the entire family. An education provides options, as well as more income, and the federal government realizes the potential of sending single fathers back to school. Single fathers should always apply for financial aid if they are going back to school, even if they are not low-income, as certain government grants are especially for single parents.

Fathers who are looking for government grants in the form of financial aid to continue with their post high school education need to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form online at By completing this free online form, the student will learn their eligibility for federal aid for college. There are several federal grants including the Pell Grant, Academic Competitiveness Grant, Teacher Education Assistance Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, and Federal Work Study that are available through the government for students. Being a single father automatically categorizes a person as more destitute since they are supporting others in their household, meaning they should meet more of the financial limitations as compared to most college students without children. This means that they should qualify for the limited amount of grant monies more so than most traditional students. It is important to apply for the FAFSA as early as possible as there is only a set dollar amount for government grants that is available each year—first come, first serve.

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