Increasing Your Self-Worth to Your Employer

The competitive job market has lead many individuals, fathers in particular, to realize how important it is to be seen as a valued asset to their employer. Being an employee that is high in demand not only helps avoid unexpected layoffs and termination, but it also can lead to bigger and better things that could provide new opportunities for the entire family. Fathers can all agree that they perhaps feel more pressure than their colleagues to succeed because of everything they have at stake and the fact that their actions affect their loved ones, but the additional pressure does not have to be viewed as a bad thing and could actually help provide the necessary motivation and encouragement to achieve greatness.

Pursuing educational opportunities and chances to receive specialized training is certainly a good idea for any employee, but fathers often have responsibilities that may make scheduling these programs a challenge. Returning to school for higher education may not be possible in a traditional setting, but it is important for dads to understand that there are now programs that will allow online classes and course work to be completed on a flexible timeline that is sure to work for virtually anyone. All professionals can benefit from advanced degree programs such as a Master’s in Business Administration, and an employer may even be willing to help pay for the education through some type of reimbursement benefit. Most corporations place a high value on such learning, and if a layoff ever does occur it will help a dad be a stronger job applicant in the competitive marketplace.

Most employees are fairly eager to get home to their family and may be reluctant to accept additional tasks that may or may not be outside of their normal job description, but few dads realize that it may be possible to get the best of both worlds. An employer is obviously going to appreciate the extra effort of their dedicated workers, but cross training and proving abilities can also help individuals gain a better job or one with more desirable hours. Working more efficiently may actually make it possible to accept a higher workload without putting in extra hours or days that would take time away from children and spouses. Multi-tasking can help increase efficiency as can creating priority lists of items that must be handled in a particular order.

While the actual work that an employee does is of course important to their boss, most people find that the most successful people show leadership characteristics and don’t simply follow the normal routines. Individuals should never be hesitant to share new ideas, but there is a proper way to do so. If there are specific weaknesses or issues that must be discussed, the most valuable employees already have a couple possible solutions in mind when they bring them up. Executives are very impressed by their underlings that have the ability to solve problems and help create possible methods to deal with issues that would otherwise prove to be cumbersome and stressful for the upper level management staff. Innovative concepts that are incorporated smoothly will be remembered for quite some time, and the opportunity to introduce them should be taken advantage of whenever possible.

The majority of executives and upper level management respect the relationship that a man has with his family, and the truth of the matter is that many overworked employers envy an employee that dedicates his time to those that he loves. An individual that has proven themselves to be a valuable asset can often take additional time off or extended vacations without worrying that someone else will encroach on their position. Fathers have a unique set of skills that helps them negotiate and settle disputes, and these can certainly be applied in the workplace. The simple fact of the matter is that dealing with children can help provide preparation for a variety of different scenarios and nobody will know how to adapt to tough situations better than a dad. Any employee that truly feels that they are high in demand is going to be much happier at work, and the reduced stress and greater sense of job satisfaction will certainly translate to the home front as well.