Keeping A Better Eye On Your Money

Let’s face it, we’re not all perfect at money-saving. Our savings is probably pretty embarrassing and could use some extra funds. It’s great to have a savings fund for emergencies – so you don’t have to call your parents for help. It’s time to grow up and save money; Here’s a few tips on how to do it:

Don’t Eat Out So Much

Eating out can be expensive, especially after ordering drinks. An easy way to save money when going out with the guys is to pre-game beforehand. If going out to dinner, eat a little something before leaving the house and that way you will not be tempted to get an appetizer AND a full entree. If going out to the bar, keep your tab low by drinking the good beers first – If you feel like splurging later, get the cheap ones on draft.

Don’t Buy Lunch Every Day

Do you have a habit of buying energy drinks, or eating out for lunch every day? Consider packing your lunch and taking it to work. Even though it doesn’t sound the best, you can make it that way. Cook chicken for the week and make it in a variety of ways – in a salad, with pepper or lemon, add it to chili. Bringing your lunch and drinking water can really cut down costs. If that doesn’t sound very appealing to you try it out for a week and calculate how much money you’ve saved.

Keep Receipts

Keep a better eye on your money by calculating how much money you spend on certain things a month. There are also electronic money-saving applications on your phone for this. Once you are aware what you’re spending the bulk of your money on, the easier it will be to cut down and save.

Keep an eye on your bank statements. It’s important to always check them out and look through the transactions thoroughly. If you’re being charged bank fees, you may not even know without checking your statement. You also should keep an eye on fraudulent charges if you do a lot of online shopping.

Use Phone Applications and Websites Wisely

There are a lot of tools available through major banks that help you keep an eye on your money. Some will notify you once your bank account gets down to a certain amount. This can be especially helpful in saving you those pesky overdraft fees.

Make a Budget

While this may seem time-consuming, draining, and flat-out boring, it is important for long-term financial success. It can aid you in saving and can help you plan that vacation you’ve always wanted to go on. Don’t look at a budget as a mundane detail, look at is as a challenge. An Excel spreadsheet is a great way to organize your finances and determine what you have as disposable income.

Carry Weekly Cash Instead of Debiting Transactions

Another great way to keep your finances in check is to allow yourself cash for disposable income. Once it’s gone, there is no more spending. This ensures that your bank account stays intact even when you have those long nights at the bar. Although carrying cash is not always safe, chances are you’ll be okay if you don’t take the bulk of it with you.

Although some of these tips may seem boring and outdated, they are still great ways to keep an eye on your finances. A man needs to have a decent savings in times of need. Having great financial success depends on you. By making small changes in the beginning, it can lead to a great outcome in the future.