Should Your Home Have One Or Two Incomes?

When men are wondering whether their wives should go back to work, they must remember that having two incomes in the home is more about what both partners want in the marriage. There are times when both partners want to be at work and making money. There are other times when one spouse would prefer not to work and take care of the kids. Also, there are times when one partner would prefer to work from home while the other is working outside of the house. There is more than one options for the family that chooses to have one or two incomes in the house.

Some people work in the house, and there are others that work outside the home. There is no one right way to do this, and many guys need to remember that their marriage is not like anyone else’s. These decisions are between a man and his and wife.

One Income

Traditionally, men worked outside of the house and women stayed at home with the children. This is still something that most people do in today’s society. However, the roles could be reversed if the woman makes more money or has a more promising career than the man. Men should not feel emasculated when their wives make more money than them. Plus, stay at home dads are all over the place. You would not be the first guy to stay home with the kids, and you would not be the last, either.

Two Incomes

Having both parents working outside of the house is completely fair when both are very interested in their careers and know that their kids are eventually going to move out. However, parents must consider what this means for scheduling, daycare and for their kids in general. The parents that work outside of the house should strive to get home at a reasonable hour and spend their weekends together as a family. This is a situation that works for many people when they build their schedule well.

Every man has a choice of where to work, whether or not to work and how much to work. Their wives also have that same choice. Both partners in a marriage should be able to pursue their passions ans do the things that they want to do. When one partner is stifling their creativity of passion for the other, that is not healthy.

Make a choice to have one or two incomes in the home, but make that choice with everyone’s feelings and desires in consideration. Once the couple has though through this decision, they can come to an agreement that supports the family, makes both of them happy and helps the kids to live normal lives.