Take Charge of Your Career in This Uncertain Economy

The recession has affected every aspect of our world. Failing banks, homes in foreclosure, and car manufacturer failures have shook the foundation of the economy. Most people should emerge with the knowledge of some new lessons. Infact, many lessons have probably been learned as a result of the economic upheaval. For example, the blind trust that many people had in their employer is probably gone. Many people have discovered that they must take charge of their career in this uncertain economy. Generations and generations of workers were able to rely on lifetime employment. Thus, many of these people did not have the worry that people have today. Times have changed, and it is important to change with the times. Your survival depends on it.

Branding is a term that is bounced around a lot. Most of us are familiar with marketing. Commercials bombard us everyday, but the notion of branding yourself is a idea that is foreign to many. Nevertheless, it is necessary in this volatile economy. Competition is fierce, and those that want to stand out must distinguish themselves. Every person needs to evaluate their core strengths and skills; the knowledge and skills should be crafted into a statement that boasts how you are the best candidate for the job. If you already have a job, branding yourself is still important. Layoffs continue to affect people all over the world. Employees that want to keep their jobs must make their skills and talents irreplaceable. The employer should truly have to think twice about downsizing you.

Furthermore, relevance is critical in this digital age. Professionals must stay on top of their industry. Change is truly the name of this game. Those that have difficulty adapting to change will get left behind. Employers are looking for people that can quickly assimilate information. People that are flexible. Companies around the nation are competing for their very survival. Critical employees must contribute to the bottom line. Those that do not contribute are more likely to get the ax. You can take control of your career in this uncertain economy. No one can do this for you. Professionals must commit to thoroughly learning their field, and it is just as important to continue learning about it. Out-dated knowledge simply will not cut it anymore.

Networking is probably one of the most important things a person can do to take charge of their career. Staying connected to those in your field can yield huge dividends. Many jobs are not advertised; jobs are often filled with people that are connected to the workforce in some way. It is critical not to be the lone ranger in this economic environment. Networking is a reciprocal thing. Professionals help each other, and they tend to stay employed more than those who are not well connected in their discipline. This is not optional anymore.

In addition, appearance is more important than ever. Unfortunately, we do live in a vain society. That is just a reality. Your appearance says much about who you are. Most people will not take the time to get past a rusty exterior. It is key to stay at the top of your game. Indeed, looking good has its own rewards, but the most important result is the affect that diet and exercise can have on your health. Statistics show that those in good health perform better on the job. Frankly, employers are looking for people that can get the job done. Those that are in poor health can be absent, and this is one fear that a potential employer may have regarding hiring a person.

In conclusion, your career is your responsibility. The direction of your career should not depend on what an employer is doing. Staying current in your field will definitely help keep your career on track. Also, never stop learning. Change is constant in our world, and nothing stays the same. Adapting to trends is a part of life. Taking charge of your career in this uncertain economy is definitely possible.