Working at Home With Kids

Working from home can be a wonderful work arrangement. Statistics show that more people are working at home. In fact, many companies are offering this as an option during employment. Employers are discovering that telecommuting employees can be very productive from their home offices. Creative work arrangements tend to increase the morale of many employees. Those that want to retain top talent are having to be more flexible. More than ever workers want a proper work and life balance. They are no longer content to neglect their families and other interests. Thus, human resource departments have to design work arrangements that meet the needs of the employer and the employee.

In addition, self-employment is also a viable option for many. Studies have shown that self-employment has risen by leaps and bounds in the nation. Many downsized, laid off, or fired employees are discovering that they can earn money for their own company. Many are using the economic turmoil as a catalyst for change. Those that have children have to factor this in to the equation. Parents have to decide how they will handle child care. Those with school age children have a little more leeway than others.

Working at home with kids can be rewarding yet challenging. Fathers that work from home face some unique challenges. The age of your children will play a major factor in how you handle their care. Those who have young babies will most likely have to work around the baby’s sleeping times. The parent of toddlers have a different challenge. During the toddler years, the child is active and curious. Thus, parents have to be creative to work while the child is at home. Do not become so engrossed in your work that you take your eyes off of the child. That is why planning ahead for their care is so important.

Furthermore, setting up a home office is important to your success. Designating a certain area of the house to be a work area is critical. It gives the home based professional a place to organize their stuff. Some people state that it also helps them to get into work mode. Getting the family to respect your work area is also important. Those with young children can train them to be quiet when they come into daddy’s work area. Others may not be so quiet. Again, the temperament and age of the child heavily influences this.

In some cases, it may be wise to hire a part-time baby sitter. College students can be great candidates for this. The fees for their services are usually quite reasonable. In addition, many churches have programs that will keep children a couple days of the week. This gives parents time to get errands and work done. Thus, it is worthwhile to check out this resource also. Depending on what type of work you do, it may be feasible to create a play space for your child. Many parents create a play space that is close to their work area. Some kids are quiet enough for this to work. There is not a one fits all with this issue. Some parents can get away with the play space. Others are forced to find outside help. It is important that you are not distracted while working because this can negatively impact your job. Most importantly, it is essential that the needs of the child be put before your work.

Additionally, it can be helpful to join a support group. Parents that are working at home with kids need some adult interaction. Periodically, it can be helpful to be able to vent and share with people that understand. In some cases, parents can help each other; the group can set up arrangements to benefit all members. Parents can swap babysitting, or they can come up with some other plan that helps the members.

Many parents choose to work at night. Some play with their kids during the day, and they may get some sleep when the other parent arrives. In single parent families, the parent must try to catch some sleep while the child is taking a nap. Working uninterrupted is more productive. Those that work at night typically enjoy the solitude. They may be able to accomplish more within less time.

Working at home with kids can be rewarding and challenging, but proper planning can make the arrangement work more smoothly. Each situation varies, so ultimately, the father will have to decide what will work best for him. Parents that work from home tend to have more time to spend with their children. Your children are only young once, and the time spent raising them will never be spent more wisely. It is possible to succeed as a parent and as a professional.