Getting Ready for Baby’s Arrival

So, you’re about to be a dad. Or maybe, you’re about to be a dad…again. And while it’s no secret that there are countless items required in order to care for your bundle of joy, equally important is preparing for the sudden and unavoidable impact on your lifestyle, routine and relationship. As many new parents will attest, the rule book of good intentions usually goes out the window when the baby arrives. But it still doesn’t hurt to have a game plan in place.

Begin with the most basic of practicalities, the kid will need a name. And not just any name, but a good name, a name that conveys confidence and intelligence, a name to continue the family legacy, a name that hopefully won’t inspire too many rhyming playground taunts. Start early, buy books, consult lists of popular names, and be open to your partner’s suggestions. It’s a long process. You may love a name for a few months until you suddenly decide it’s all wrong. That’s okay at this stage of the game, but once you’ve completed the birth certificate, it’s a done deal. Use the full nine months to mull it over, not just the two days prior to leaving the hospital. It’ll last a lifetime, you owe the kid the consideration of giving it some serious thought.

Consider your child’s safety. Once you’ve purchased a car seat, find a car seat check in your area, often provided by local fire or police departments at no cost. Make use of a certified safety technician’s expertise to teach you how to properly strap the little tyke in. It’s well worth it.

Talk to your partner. Set expectations, share concerns and worries, and develop a basic guide on how to divide the household duties. Let’s face it, the newborn is going to get the lion’s share of the attention, but groceries will still need purchasing, your other children will still need parenting, and the clothes will still need washing. There’s a lot to keep track of, but guidelines for how and when it’s all going to be accomplished can make it less daunting. Also, consider establishing a “tap-out” clause with your partner to allow for a guilt-free reprieve when one of you is feeling overwhelmed or has been with the little screamer and his powerful lungs for long enough. Knowing there is a time-out available to go for a walk, take a long shower, or just lay down and breathe can make the more difficult moments of parenting easier to face and strengthen the bond with your partner as a teammate.

Speak to the grandparents, aunts, uncles and close friends who will wish to share in this joyous experience. Enlist helpers for times when you and your partner just can’t accomplish it all. Explain that you will need their love and support but also their occasional distance. Set ground rules for visiting occurrences and duration. It’s essential for the baby to establish a routine, and equally important for both baby and mom to sleep when they’re able. If you approach the subject tactfully prior to the birth, hopefully you won’t have to reiterate it later when you’re sleep deprived and probably not as even-tempered as you would hope. They’ll understand and they’ll be grateful to you for being honest with them.

Stock up on books, speak to other parents and learn how to best prepare your other kids and pets for baby’s arrival. Nevertheless, prepare yourself for life to be flipped upside down. Once you adjust to the initial shock, you’ll find that you can’t imagine what life was like before the baby inspired chaos, and you wouldn’t want to.

Things New Dads can do to Help Breastfeeding Moms

breastfeeding supportIf your wife or partner has decided to breastfeed your new baby, she has made a wonderful decision. Countless research studies have purported that the benefits of breastfeeding far outweigh those of formula feeding. Decreased symptoms of colic, better sleep and improved digestion are just a few advantages of breast milk. Moreover, this optimal nutrition provides your baby with antibodies that can provide protection against a host of diseases and illnesses. In fact, there are hundreds of ingredients in breast milk that cannot be replicated in formula. Although you may agree that “breast is best”, you may also be anxious in regards to what the breastfeeding process entails and how to support your partner. Your support while your partner breastfeeds is more valuable than you may realize, and fortunately, there are a number of ways you can help to make the breast feeding experience a positive one for the entire family.

In the beginning, breastfeeding can be challenging for both mom and baby. The baby may have problems latching on, mom may have sore and cracked nipples and neither mom nor baby may be able to find a comfortable position. Due to frequent feedings every two to three hours and the associated exhaustion, it is no wonder that many moms give up on breastfeeding altogether. Hence, this is the time when your support is most critical. While you and your partner are still in the hospital, request to speak with a lactation consultation if the hospital has not already offered. Lactation consultants specialize in the art of breastfeeding and can answer all of your questions and concerns. Additionally, they can oversee a feeding and give new moms advice and tips. Make sure that you are involved in this consultation so that you are well informed and know what to expect. When you arrive home, remember that lactation consultants can continue to serve as an excellent resource. Feel free to call these specialists if your partner and baby endure challenges or if you have additional concerns.

It is also helpful to be involved as much as possible during feeding times. When your baby is waking up at all hours of the night, don’t assume that your partner will do all of the work while you snooze away. Sit up with your partner, keep her company and give her the confidence she needs. If mom and baby are struggling with a feeding, encourage her to keep trying and remind her of the suggestions made by the lactation consultant. Always ask her if she needs anything as well. For instance, it is important for nursing moms to drink an adequate amount of water in order to maintain their milk supply.

Once your partner’s milk supply is well established and the first few weeks have passed, breastfeeding may become much less challenging. Continue to encourage your partner and be sensitive to her needs in new situations. For example, some moms may be reluctant to breastfeed in public while others have absolutely no problems with doing so. No matter what issues arise with breastfeeding, support her choices and allow her to openly discuss her feelings with you. In addition, ask your partner how she feels about pumping breast milk in to bottles so that you can feed the baby. This can allow for “dad and baby time” and give her a much-needed break. Although the decision of how long to breastfeed is ultimately up to your partner, encourage her to breastfeed for as long as possible so that your baby can continue to thrive and be healthy.

Breastfeeding is a challenging yet rewarding experience that you and your family will not regret. Remember that you play an important role as a father during feeding times and that your support is vital to both the length and quality of the breastfeeding experience. Having a discussion with a lactation consultant, being involved during feeding times and providing your partner with undivided support and encouragement are indispensable components a happy and healthy nursing mom and baby.

What to Expect When Your Wife Is About to Give Birth

What to Expect The birth of child is a life-changing event for both the mother and the father, and although it’s the mother that carries and delivers the baby, the father has an equally important role to fill. By preparing for the experience together and by keeping the lines of communication open, both parents can lay a strong foundation for raising a healthy and happy child. Although the journey towards successful parenting requires a measure of sacrifice, a deep commitment and a shift in priorities, the positive results are well worth the effort.


When it comes to preparation, knowledge is the key to success. A father who understands the birthing process will be best-equipped to help the mother through the experience. Fathers can stay informed by reading up on pregnancy and the birthing process. Accompanying the expectant mother to prenatal medical appointments will offer learning opportunities as well. Ultrasounds, dating scans and Doppler heartbeat tests will help the father share in the experience of the growing baby and will help the dad-to-be acclimate to the upcoming change in the family.


As a mother’s delivery date draws near, it’s not uncommon for the expectant father to feel a bit sidelined. While many aspects of the expectant father’s life remain routine, the mother is carrying around an ever-present reminder of the approaching change in the family. Both parents need to make concerted efforts to remain emotionally connected. Simply communicating feelings, whether positive or negative, can go a long way towards reassuring each other that the relationship is still strong and meaningful.

The Big Day

No matter how sympathetic a man may be, it’s impossible for a man to understand what women experience when they go into labor. An expectant father may feel helpless and exasperated when his best efforts to support the mother are ignored or criticized. While it can be a frustrating situation for the father, it’s also an important early lesson in parenthood. The challenge of being a good father is knowing when to relinquish self-interest for the well-being of the family. Remaining calm and supportive in the eye of the storm is the best strategy for a happy delivery day.

Modern Fatherhood

Men are conditioned from an early age to view childbirth as a purely female function. Becoming an involved father not only requires overcoming preconceived notions about parental roles but requires being willing to overcome social conventions as well. While the role of an involved father may not feel natural at first, it’s important that the father strive to remain involved. Studies have shown that early involvement leads to a deeper connection over the long term.

Many businesses now offer paternity leave for their employees. Taking time off from work during the time period immediately following the birth of the child not only helps the father bond with the child but gives the mother needed relief as well.

New Priorities

Worries about how the relationship between the mother and father will change after the birth of the baby is a very real issue, one that should be acknowledged honestly. A mother may become so focused on the new baby that the marital relationship suffers for a time. A degree of patience is usually sufficient to resolve this problem. Making future arrangements to spend time together away from the new baby can help both parents remain connected during the first crucial weeks and months of a child’s life.

Adjusting to the idea of being responsible for the well-being of a child takes time. A father may feel like he is being pressured to sacrifice his personal freedom and that his life is becoming narrower in scope. Most men, however, discover that having a child expands their view of the world. Personal goals become family goals. A new father may be pleasantly surprised to discover that life after the birth of a child can be richer and more satisfying than ever.

Must-Knows For New Dads

Must-Knows For New DadsOne of the first things an expectant Dad learns is that a due date is purely a guess. Babies will come at any time, day or night. This is Dad’s first lesson in not being able to be in control. Reading books about baby care is helpful, but remember to take any advice in them with a grain of salt. Every baby is a perfectly unique little individual and guidelines about what they might do at a certain age are just that, guidelines. Little ones do not come with instructions. This is another of those first things that new Dads learn.

Be prepared to fall totally, completely and helplessly in love with this new little life, and perhaps to be a bit terrified at the same time. This is totally normal and has been a part of fatherhood since the beginning of time. Be prepared for the mixed emotions that happen, everything from overwhelming and pure joy to sometimes frustration and even anger. These are all normal emotions. It’s how you deal with the mixed emotions that can make new fatherhood a wonderful experience.

One crucial and sometimes overlooked detail is to make sure that a high quality car seat is carefully and correctly installed in the car before the baby is even born. Most hospitals today won’t even let you leave the hospital with a new baby unless there is a car seat in the car. In some places, Police and Fire stations offer to help expectant parents to install infant car seats correctly. Take them up on their offer of help, especially if this is your first experience with a car seat.

In the beginning, the only way the baby has to communicate with you is to cry. There are many reasons that they cry. Try to go through a mental list and check off what could be wrong until you get to the reason. Then again, some babies cry for seemingly no reason. That’s something many well-meaning parenting books don’t prepare new parents for. Luckily, this phase only lasts a short time. It can be very frustrating though while it’s happening. Just try to remember that this is baby’s only way to communicate. They are not crying to attempt to anger or frustrate you, they have no idea how to even do that. If necessary, hand the baby off, take turns, and take a parental “time out”. This can be very helpful. It seems that babies can sense if a parent is tired and frustrated, and they become upset. If one parent can step in refreshed and ready to take over, it can be very helpful for everyone.

If you have a deadline and have to be someplace with the baby at a specific time, always start preparing extra early and allow extra time. This is a Murphy’s law type of situation. When you are in a hurry and have to go somewhere, baby will poop, puke, or have some other emergency on the way out the door. And it will probably be a messy one. It may require new clothing or a bath. And if you are very unlucky, it will require a trained Hazmat team to clean it up. In keeping with the messy theme, always have a change of clothing along for baby and possibly for parents. Chances are the messiest emergencies will happen when you are out somewhere and need a change of clothing.

Try to be sure each parent has little breaks from parenting. This makes both parents much more effective. Always take parenting advice with a grain of salt and try not to blindly follow fads. Most importantly, enjoy every minute of your blossoming little ones development. These times will never happen again. You will make mistakes with your child. No parent is perfect, but kids are very resilient. With lots of love they will do fine, and you will too.

FertilAid for Men Review

There are innumerable fertility treatments and supplements for men in the market today, and FertilAid for Men is one of the most popular among them. FertilAid for Men has been created by Dr. Grunebaum, and the difference between this product and the countless duds in the market is that FertilAid for Men has undergone clinical testing and is proven to not only increase sperm count, but also the morphology of the sperm cells. This is important because a large number of sperm cells is of no use if they are unable to perform their assigned task – to fertilize the egg.

If you are among the many that are seeking to conceive and need help, FertilAid for Men reviews are a helpful aid to assist you in considering weighing your options and reaching the right decision. FertilAid for Men has been found in studies to be especially effective when it is used in conjunction with other strategies such as a better and healthier diet and getting other medicinal treatments.

So how do you know whether FertilAid for Men is the right product for you? Firstly, you need to qualify by having a low or barely acceptable sperm count. Even a barely acceptable sperm count often leads to severe difficulties in conceiving. Men with low sperm counts often spend many years trying to have a baby and the effect of this on families is often tragic. The way forward is clear – you must increase your sperm count as well as the health and capabilities of your sperm cells. FertilAid for Men is the right solution for you as it provides great results with minimal side effects.

If you have read other FertilAid for Men reviews, you will find that people invariably report significantly increased sperm counts and a measurable improvement in the sperm cell morphology and overall health. More often than not, you will find that they report the only thing that matters – that their partners are pregnant. Even among those that have not conceived yet, you will see a renewed surge of optimism due to the sudden onset of positive medical news about their sperm count and morphology. Sometimes you will see reviews where someone sent back a set of supplies. Do ensure that you read the full review, because that will have happened only when the user’s partner conceived soon after the supplements were taken.

When you are looking for a solution that will put an end to your fertility woes, you should make full use of the internet. Make use of the major search engines and read all the reviews that you can. Ensure that you choose the product which consistently garners the best reviews.You will invariably find that FertilAid for Men reviews are the best.

You will want to know how FertilAid for Men works. You should first understand how low sperm counts are achieved. They happen when the glands that product sperm cells are deprived of essential nutrients. Due to this nutrient deficiency, less sperm cells are produced, and those that are produced are weak and incapable of fertilizing an egg cell. What FertilAid for Men does is that it increases the amounts of nutrients that are available to the sperm producing glands and ensures that both the sperm count and their quality are revitalized. It is also worth mentioning that FertilAid for Men contains herbal treatments and is completely devoid of harmful side effects of any kind
FertilAid for Men is the best product for your needs. Numbers and statistics notwithstanding, it is proven to deliver the result that really matters – pregnancy, and does this more often and more consistently than all other supplements available on the market.