Why Being A Young Dad Is Great!

Why Being A Young Dad Is Great!Being a young dad is one of the greatest things that many men have the ability to experience. Whether you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy or have planned to have children at a young age, it is a time in your life that you will never forget. While it is not recommended to have children until you are ready to settle down, financially able and are on the same page in life as your partner, many men are finding themselves ready for this experience sooner than later. Here are some of the main reasons why being a young dad is great and on the rise throughout the world.

When you have children at a younger age, you have more energy to play with the children. During the first few months of your newborn’s life, sleep is something that you may not see much of. Younger fathers are able to function on only a few hours of sleep and still have enough time and energy to dedicate to their children throughout the day. As your child starts to grow up, the extra energy that young dads have can be used to get down on the floor and play, go outside and throw a ball around and much more. The memories that you build with your child will be centered around the things that you are able to do with them.

Older parents may not be able to relate to their children as well as younger fathers. When having children at a young age, you are still like a big kid yourself. It is common for many young parents to be familiar with the things that kids enjoy this day and age. Older fathers may not be interested in playing video games or going outside to skateboard, while younger dads may enjoy doing these activities on their own, even if they did not have children. Younger generations of parents also pick up on new things quicker than older parents. This gives young dads the ability to relate better with their kids and have fun while doing so.

One of the best perks about being a young dad, is that you will still be young when your children grow up and move out. For example, if you have children at age 20, you will only be 40 years old when your child is 20. At 40, there are still parents out there that are raising children and you will be finished with that stage of your life. Being young when your children grow up allows you to relax and enjoy the rest of your life without having to raise young children. All of the things that you once dreamed of doing are still possible when you are this young. Traveling the world, sightseeing throughout areas that you’ve never been, going out at night and so much more are still possible to do after your kids have grown up.

As a young dad, you may also make friends around your age that have children as well. After having kids, some friends disappear and are no longer interested in hanging out with you. There are plenty of other young fathers out there that have the same interests as you do and have children. Setting up play dates and letting the kids run around the house while you watch a sports game with your buds is something that many young fathers enjoy about parenthood.

Overall, being a young father is one of the best experiences that life can give you. Although it may be financially hard to take care of a family at such a young age, anything is possible when you set your mind to it. Imagine life with your son or daughter, doing some of the same things that you did when you were a child. Fun will be had, memories will be made and life together could not get any better than it is when you’re a young dad.

Get Her in the Mood and Enjoy a Night of Unforgettable Passion

Night of Unforgettable PassionYou have to ask yourself, “What does my lady really like?” and start there. If you do not already know, you might want to learn her favorite ‘F’ words. Yes, that is definitely your ticket because as her man you absolutely need to know her favorite flower, favorite fragrance, and favorite food. You will want to increase your knowledge base even further by finding out her favorite film, favorite fun thing to do, and finally you must know her favorite fantasy. You see understanding, embracing your woman’s passions even the simplest ones is the secret to her happiness, and when she is in high spirits, it makes complete sense that as her partner you also will share in blissful gratification.

Once you know what things delight her senses, you can start developing a game plan. To begin an evening that you hope to finish as a memorable night of passion you will want to start with a bouquet of her most beloved flowers. Do not expect her to arrange them. You do it or even better, pay the florist or your best female friend to arrange the flowers for you in a beautiful vase. If you do not know her favorite flower, you cannot go wrong with red roses because it is symbolic of passionate love.

Next, plan too wine and dine your woman. If you decide to eat out, then you will want to make reservations at a restaurant deemed special for the two of you. A romantic atmosphere is the thing that evokes passion. If you are a talented chef, you may decide to stay home and cook for your woman, or ordering in is another option. You will want to set the ambiance with candlelight, crystal and fine china. This strategy will keep the mood comfortable and familiar, but just be certain your privacy remains intact.

At some point in the evening, you may want to set the mood by putting on some favorite romantic music and taking your lady in your arms for an intimate dance. When it is just the two of you, there are no limits to your imagination. One thing will certainly lead to another and you might suggest a bubble bath and a full body massage with scented lotions or oils to help her relax and work out any leftover stress from the day. Whatever your approach, know that making her feel like the most beautiful and loved woman in the world and indulging her senses will lead her and you to a passionate place. Take your time, savor the evening and let passion ignite into perfect and unmistakable pleasure.

Secrets Exceptional Husbands Know – What Is Respect?

Becoming a great husband doesn’t necessarily require enrolling in the latest sensitivity classes, yet it does entail doing the little things that can add up during the course of any successful marriage. Even though your needs are simple and it doesn’t take much to make you happy, keeping your spouse happy is an important part of the equation. Respect is a two-way street, and the more you give—the likelihood of getting it in return may become second nature. Finding the right combo may take a few practice runs and a little trial and error along the way, which is all part of becoming a great husband in training. The dos and don’ts of matrimony should extend beyond exchanging marital vows, yet there is no set standard in terms of how to handle the emotional ups and downs of most any marriage. A vitally crucial aspect of becoming an excellent husband is the communication factor, which is connected to everything else you’re about to read.

Treating your spouse with respect is a multifaceted process. As gender roles of the twenty-first century continue to take on new meanings, staying in touch with your spouse’s needs on a consistent basis can prove to be fruitful in many ways. Listening intently is one thing, yet responding in a compassionate fashion and offering sound advice is another. The art of listening and reacting effectively may resemble a juggling act at the onset, yet a sense of balance should appear slowly and steadily; applying sensitivity without emasculating yourself can go a long way. No matter how small any given situation may seem to you, it probably means everything to her in that particular moment. She may simply need a sympathetic ear and as it turns out, you’re the perfect sounding board. She’s entrusting you with her hardships; timing is everything in cases like these, and you’ll know whether to listen or respond by the tone of her voice.

Communicating effectively goes far beyond the verbal aspects of dialogue. Romance and sex don’t always go hand in hand, yet romance can often lead to intimate relations. This may take a lot of practice and it’s all for a good cause, giving her the kind of attention that most women dream of. Having a satisfied sexual partner is testament to her titillating pleasure because you’re turning all of this practice into perfection. Making her happy in this department will likely spill over into other areas and can be used as a playful bargaining chip.

Complimenting her before she has to ask is a huge thing! Confidence is a very empowering and meaningful part of this recommended support system. Gaining respect by doing something you’d do under any other circumstance is always a plus, and she needs to know you’re there for her, which is sort of a symbiotic, win/win situation. Knowing that she has your support really does make a significant difference; the smile on her face will tell you all you need to know.

Stay in shape, both physically and mentally. An idle mind accompanied by an idle body can be considered signs of complacency, which doesn’t bode well for either party involved. Letting yourself go is the quickest way to lose the respect you’ve already earned; by keeping a sharp mind and body, you’re letting her know that you’re taking care of yourself because you care about her and how she perceives you.

Make her laugh as often as you can! She probably married you for your sense of humor, so try not to lose it. Remembering birthdays and anniversaries are just as important as avoiding situations that may cause friction. Not only can exhibiting these types of behavior be well worth the endeavor, they can also become a gratifying experience knowing that treating your spouse with love and respect can maintain a blissful union. Always remember that your spouse is your heart, soul, and the force that drives you to be a great husband, expecting father, and lifelong companion.

Teaching Your Daughter To Be Handy

Teaching Your Daughter To Be HandyMany men think about teaching their son how to work on things and how to use tools, but a lot of men forget that their daughter could benefit from these skills as well. Teaching your daughter how to be handy around the house gives you an opportunity to spend time with her, and your daughter will be learning valuable skills that she can use for life.

Spend Time With Your Daughter While You Are Working On Things

One of the best ways of teaching is by example. When working on your vehicle or something around the house, invite your daughter to sit and chat with you while you are doing. At first, you don’t have to actually teach her how to use the tools; simply explain to her what each tool does and what you are trying to accomplish. Even if she doesn’t seem interested, chatting with her about school or her friends while you are working on things is a great way to bond, and she may soak up more information than you think. It will also be a great introduction to the lessons that you will be teaching her.

Start Out Small

You have to remember that your daughter probably has no tool-related skills, so you have to start out small when teaching her how to be handy. Show her how to hammer a nail into a wall, and show her how to remove screws using a screwdriver. Once she learns some of these basic tasks, ask her to do them for you next time you are working on something. This will allow her to sharpen her skills, and she’ll enjoy being able to help you with what you are doing.

Teach Her Basic Skills That She Can Actually Use

There are plenty of situations when your daughter could really benefit from having a few basic skills in her life. Learning how to do certain things on her own will help her to become independent, and it can also save her a lot of money later on down the road. One of the first things to teach her is how to change a car tire. Next time that you have a flat tire, invite your daughter to help you. Show her each tool that is needed for the job, and show her out to use it.

Assembling furniture is another handy skill that your daughter will need when she moves out on her own. Next time you purchase a bookshelf, entertainment center or other furniture that does not come pre-assembled, take the time to show your daughter each step of putting it together. Show her how to follow the instructions, and explain to her how each tool works.

Buy Her A Set Of Tools

Once your daughter reaches a certain age and has begun to learn about using tools through your guidance, consider buying her her own set of tools. She won’t need anything too expensive or fancy, and a small set with a few basic tools, such as a hammer and a few screwdrivers, shouldn’t cost too much. If your daughter is a girly-girl, take a look at some of the feminine tool sets that are available — some even come in purple or pink. After you have bought her a tool set, invite her to use her own tools to help you with household projects.

Be Patient

Things that seem simple to you can be difficult to your daughter to grasp at first, so make sure that you are patient with her. If you feel yourself getting frustrated when trying to teach your daughter basic skills, consider putting it to the side and continuing the lesson another day. Getting irritated with your daughter or making her feel incompetent can cause her to give up on learning these skills permanently, so make sure to be as patient and encouraging as possible, and cheer her on when she does put something together on her own or when she learns a new skill.

Birthday Gifts for Dad That are Funny and Practical

Birthday Gifts for Dad It can sometimes feel daunting when you’re trying to find the perfect gift for dad. If you are wracking your brain and haven’t been able to find the right one, consider giving him something that he can use but with a twist. Surprise him with a gift that is not just practical and useful, but one that will make him laugh. Here are a few different ideas that are sure to please.

Funny Mugs

One practical and fun gift idea is to give dad one or multiple personalized coffee mugs. Get the mug personalized with a funny message or with his nick name, if it’s a funny one. Another option is to put a funny picture of his dog or other pet and put it on the mugs.


If your dad is a grill master, or just likes to whip up pancakes on Sunday mornings, consider giving him an apron for his birthday. Of course, it shouldn’t just be any old apron. A funny apron, such as one with a camouflage pattern or even a bacon pattern, is the perfect birthday gift. You can even get one that has a funny phrase on it. It doesn’t have to be the old “Kiss the Cook” standby but that’s always funny too.


Give dad a unique and funny calendar for his birthday. The type of calendar is really up to you and depends on his interests. For example, if he is a fan of reading the comic section of the newspaper, consider giving him a calendar that incorporates one or more of the comics. Another option is gifting him a calendar that has funny pictures or quotes about dads.

Beer Stein

If dad enjoys his brew, he is sure to enjoy the birthday gift of a beer stein. A beer stein itself isn’t exactly funny. However, what is funny is to give him a birthday present of a beer stein that is jumbo-sized and comically large. Even though it is so huge, it is still a useful and practical gift. There are options for personalizing the stein with a funny message or with his name as well.

Novelty Ice Cube Trays

Give dad the gift of ice, but not just any ice. Give him funny ice in the form of novelty ice cube trays. There are a myriad of shapes to choose from. If he’s an avid fisherman, he will get a kick out of fish-shaped ice. Other options to consider include lemon shaped ice or even guitar shaped ice.