Successful Single Father Parenting Tips

Successful Single Father Parenting TipsAs a single father, you may feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. This great responsibility can actually be considered a gift in your life. You have an opportunity to prove to your children that you are a wonderful and loving father. You have the opportunity to show your kids that you will be there for them no matter what and can inspire them to achieve their dreams in life with confidence. To be a successful single father, the key is to have a positive outlook on life and show your kids how to achieve their own ambitions.

Perhaps the reason for why you are a single father are rather depressing. Maybe your beautiful wife passed away a few years ago. Maybe your relationship ended in a severe divorce. Whatever the scenario is, you can use it to teach your kids how to take positive lessons out of tragic and hurtful experiences. This is the foundational belief that you should have as you parent your children. You should believe that you can overcome a negative past and that the past does not define who you are. The reason this is so important for you to understand and believe is because your children are influenced by the way you perceive the events that arise in life. Your children will learn how to respond to life in the way that you have responded to situations in your own life. If you handle a difficult situation with grace and understanding, rather than anger, then your children will also learn how to approach life with grace and understanding.

The second way that you can be a successful father is by teaching your kids to have goals at a young age. Goals give us something to constantly work toward in life. Goals also have a positive effect in distracting us from negative thoughts and feelings. For children, setting the goal to excel in school or make the sports teams at school can set the child up for success in life. Encourage your kids when they do succeed in school and have worked hard to reach that point. When you acknowledge positive successes in your children, they will feel motivated to achieve an even higher goal in their lives. This will allow your kids to continually be reaching for success in life.

It is also important for you to spend time with your children. While you may teach your children to have a solid work ethic and achieve their goals, be careful not to be too hard on them. You do not want your children to ultimately resent you in life. To avoid resentment, be sure to spend quality time with your children that is away from work and school. Schedule a fun vacation for you and your children. Take your kids to the movies every now and then. Have a movie night at home. Play basketball with your kids. These are all examples of ways that you can show your kids how much you love them. At the end of the day, kids want to know that they have someone they can depend on and who will always be there to protect and love them. You can be this person by giving them your love and support at all times.

Teaching your kids about the value of a dollar is another way you can be a successful parent. Be sure to teach your kids how to manage their money at a young age. Being able to manage money and avoid taking on too much debt is a skill that will serve children for the rest of their lives. You can create ways to teach children about money by setting up a family 401(k) plan or giving them a weekly allowance.

Being a successful father takes practice and time. Even if you face a few challenges in the beginning of your parenting experience, just know that your kids will come to respect you over time.

Single-Parent Sex Dos And Don’ts

When you are a single parent there are many things that you may want to enjoy when your kids aren’t around. Sexual intimacy is something that many single parents want to enjoy. However, figuring out what the right time is can be an interesting trick. There are many situations that you may find yourself in that you don’t really want to deal with. There are ways to handle situations and there are things that you absolutely don’t want to do when it deals with your sex life while you are single.

Depending on the age of your kids they may be aware of what you spending alone time with someone in your bedroom means. When they are young things seem more innocent, however don’t think because your kids are young that they have no clue what is going on. You have to be very aware of the things that are going on around you when you have decided to bring someone home.

If the person you have decided to bring home is not someone who you are planning on being a constant in your child’s life, you may want to have them come over after the child’s bedtime. This way the child doesn’t come in contact with the person. Younger children can become quickly attached to any adult who comes into their life and they may wonder why they don’t see that person anymore. With people who fall into this category, you may want to consider hiring a baby sitter and having your fun at a hotel or your partners home.

If you are having sexual relations with someone who you have long term interest in, then you should take the time to have them over for dinner. Let them meet your kids and see how they interact with your children. Young kids are open and honest about people. Many times you can judge your mate’s character by the way your children react to them. You want to have someone in your life that loves kids and will make a good parental figure in the future. This is a great way to see how they will react in family situations. You can have your alone fun after the kids have gone to bed.

After the kids are in bed and you want to have your adult time, there are a few things to keep in mind. Kids wake up and go to the bathroom or want something to drink. Don’t have your sexual time in an area of the house that the kids can just wander into. You will end up in a situation you really don’t want to be in. Don’t send the kids to bed early because you want to spend time with your partner. The kids may see this as favoritism towards the new person and may build feelings of resentment towards you or your partner. Lock the bedroom door. There is nothing more embarrassing than having a child walk in the room while you are in the middle of making love. Remember that even though the door is locked, your child may still need you. If they come knocking, don’t ignore them or yell at them to go away. Your child will not understand why the person in there with you is more important than their needs.

Talk to your children about their thoughts on you having a new partner. Some kids may not be ready to handle another parental figure in their life. If you have a child who has problems accepting another figure, you may want to keep your partner away for a while. Give your child the time he or she needs to adjust to this new life and then slowly work someone else in. Introduce them as a friend and refrain from having much physical contact with them while the kids are awake. You can even have them over for dinner and have them leave before the kids go to bed. This will show your kids how important they are to you and that no one else can take their place.

Great Places to Meet Kid-Friendly Women

Let’s face it; dating is a whole new ballgame when the well-being of a child becomes a component of the equation. Single parenting is a crucial balancing act; this is especially true for single men. How much of your time are you allowed to set aside for just you, to piece together the remnants of what used to be a social life? How much of your social life is to become an element of your family life and how soon, especially if you are wishing them to mesh at some point in the future? These are very normal questions and situations that every single father faces when it is time to put your self back out there. It is a well proven fact that family happiness levels, including the kids’, increase when a single parent brings their ideal mate into the family. That’s a promising fact, but the greater inquisition at hand, is where do you even begin searching for such a person that will make an effortless addition to your kid friendly household? We all know that love interests are known for appearing at the oddest of times, in the strangest of places; however, when children are involved, the opportunities to make yourself available, to the type of woman you would invite into your family, become scarce. If you feel stuck in a routine where socializing outside of your daily circle of encounters seems impossible, you may find a few of these suggestions enlightening.

An evening stroll down the street to the neighborhood park after dinner, with your youngster and perhaps your dog, is a great way to break up your routine, take some time to breath in some fresh air and get a little exercise. This is a scene that attracts just the type of down to earth, kid-friendly woman a single father would find a lot in common with. She may either be at the park with her child, out for some evening exercise, or like you, seeking some peaceful fresh air. A park is a relaxed setting that can open up some quality opportunities to meet a wonderful, compatible woman.

Another great way to meet kid-friendly women in your city may be to partner up with you child and partake in some city recreational functions. Community centers typically have, very affordable, 4-6 week classes, like exercise or sport related classes, art classes, or maybe a foreign language. Depending on where you live, the opportunities to socialize with other single parents may reveal themselves through participating in community events. This could include even taking a Saturday afternoon to join your son or daughter at the local bounce house, jungle gym place where many single kid-friendly women are likely to be, either with their children or with a sister or close friend that has children (hint: women don’t like to go places like this alone). This is not a time to be shy; taking time out of your busy schedule to mingle among the community is critical to expanding a single father’s social life.

One last take away, that may draw some criticism, is online networking. Everyone has an opinion formed on the topic, however, one popular motto to consider in this event is ‘don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.’ There are some great happy ending, digital age love stories out there that resulted from an online connection; and the number of single individuals enrolled is astounding. Growing popularity usually symbolizes satisfaction in the consumer world right? Its a great way to meet women with uncanny similarities, the same types of hobbies, from a similar background that you never would have had the opportunity to come across in your daily life. It is possible that the woman just described lives in the neighborhood directly behind you. Think about how many lost opportunities exist due only to slight proximity.

Hopefully, some ideas have been triggered on where to look for kid-friendly women in your area. While you may be super single dad by day, do not forget that in order to take care of everyone else, you must begin by ensuring a full, healthy, happy life exists for you as well.

Introducing Her To Your Kids

Being a single dad is a tough enough job in and of itself, but when it comes time to introducing the new woman in your life to your children, that job can get significantly more difficult. The situation can be nerve racking and uncomfortable for everyone involved, so it is best to think ahead and have a solid plan of attack when it comes time to make the all important introductions.

First and foremost, it is extremely important that your children know that your new partner exists. Introducing them to your new significant other should not be something that comes as a surprise to them. The transition will be difficult enough without adding the element of surprise to the situation. Talk to them ahead of time and give them some information about her. Start off slowly, perhaps by adding her name to general conversation around the house. While watching TV or playing a game with your kids, let them know that she also likes the same shows or games as they do. Finding something in common between her and the kids can make the initial meeting significantly easier on all parties.

Make sure that you have reached a serious level in your relationship with your new partner before even considering introducing her to your kids. The amount of time will vary greatly from couple to couple; just be careful that you don’t rush the process. Divorce or loss of a parent is an incredibly difficult ordeal for most kids to begin with. The last thing you want to do is introduce them to someone new, figure out shortly thereafter that the relationship isn’t working out, and then remove that person from your kid’s lives. There’s no way to be certain that the relationship will last forever, but you should be thinking about your future with your partner before bringing her into your kid’s lives.

Keep the first meeting short and simple. Consider a meeting in a neutral site like a coffee shop or a nearby park. Your new partner and your children are likely to be slightly more at ease if they are not in the other’s territory. Remember, there will probably be a level of intimidation and jealousy on both sides of the equation; each of them are used to having you all to themselves in one sense or another. A casual meeting, a short exchange of pleasantries and an opportunity to ask a few questions of one another will generally suffice for a first meeting. If all goes well, try and schedule a longer get together in the near future to start nurturing the relationship.

Be sure to reinforce to your children that your love for them is not, and will not, change as a result of your new relationship. Depending on the age of your kids, they may not be able to understand that you have enough love to share with more than just them. They can easily think that you loving someone else would mean that you will not love them as much anymore. You need to put that fear to rest as early as possible.

It is also important to make sure your kids know that you are not trying to replace their mother. This is a common and understandable fear for many kids. Letting them know that having another female presence in their lives does not necessarily mean that she will be filling the role of the mother in their lives. Your children’s relationship with their mother should not change as a result of your new partner and they need to be reassured of just that.

Most importantly, be honest and straightforward with your kids. Introducing a new woman into their world is going to be a challenge for everyone involved, but not being honest with them will only make the transition that much more difficult. Understand that it may be a little rocky at first, but things will likely smooth out over time if everyone is willing to put forth an honest effort.

A Divorce Strategy For Men

There are many things in life that you just don’t plan for. Divorce is probably at the top of that mental list. It’s just one of those things that comes in life, and you find yourself is disbelief to know that you’re a participating party to the whole ordeal. This may take a serious strain on your well-being, but it will be even more devastating if you don’t have an exit strategy.

It’s a sad thing to say, but divorce is very much like a store that is going out of business. It would be a nice notion to think that the divorce can be a simple thing. The problem is that we all know this isn’t true. Just like the closing of a store the participating parties of a divorce must discuss bills and the financial break down of everything that was involved during the start up.

It doesn’t matter who made the decision to announce to the world that the blending of two people as one is officially become two separate identities all over again. Men need an exit strategy. It’s a common mistake to assume that the woman is the only party that needs to be concerned with the arrangements.

If there are children involved a man should make this a priority. The children usually opt to depart with the mother, and this often leaves the father questioning his visiting rights as well as the possibility of joint custody. For this reason and many more it is pertinent to obtain a divorce lawyer as soon as possible. It’s best to get contracts drawn up to establish specific rules. It would be nice to assume that your former partner would be an outstanding citizen and uphold any verbal agreements about visitations. Unfortunately verbal agreements are not the best forms of evidence in court. It’s best to get it in writing.

This goes for many other areas as well. If there is a specified amount of child support that was agreed upon it is important to get this in writing. It seems trivial now, but if you’re hounded for much more than the original agreement the situation can become extremely difficult. The same rule applies for alimony. Get a signed contract stating the amount that will be paid and know when you are expected to pay if this is an arrangement that has been agreed upon.

The financial arrangements will often spill over into the amount of debt that is owed between the two of you. If there is a home you must make an urgent decision on whether the home will be sold or occupied by one of the divorcees. You must also take the time to divide any other credit card or loan debt that may have been the result of joint collaborations. The situation may not be an amicable one, but things must be finalized in these areas.

In addition to debt you must also make amends on the splitting of money that may have been earned or saved together. This can be one of the biggest things to sort out. This gray area also falls within the area of valued household items and big tickets items. If there are items like cars, furniture, or big screen televisions that were purchased by both of you a decision has to be made on who will keep these items.

If you discovered that the two of you were not compatible these are things that have to be done before moving on with your lives. It’s no easy task, but it has to be handled. The major part of the exit strategy is to try to keep the communication lines open with your soon-to-be ex-wife. This is a process and it will be so much easier if you can talk without arguing through every detail of the divorce. Things will go much smoother if you come to some agreements.