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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Timothy, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. Timothy

    Timothy New Member

    We just moved across town for a great deal on a 1-year lease. All in all, everything went over pretty smooth -- no issues having utilities cut on, no issues having minor repairs at the apartment taken care of quickly, and lots of help from friends and family getting everything moved over. The only problem we have now is the fact that Comcast is taking their sweet, precious time about getting our Internet to us. The wife and I are both having to take care of all our online stuff at her mom's house, and while we're thankful someone will let us come over everyday, it's such a hassle not to be able to do these things at home!
  2. Sinbian

    Sinbian New Member

    Not having Internet these days is like not having water or food in your house. :) This is true especially for people who depend on it work-wise. I feel for your pain.
  3. DeputyDad

    DeputyDad New Member

    I wonder what is taking them so long. They are a huge service provider. Internet is an essential service these days. I would call them every single day until they get it taken care of and let them know how much you've been inconvenienced.
  4. Andersson

    Andersson New Member

    My sister just recently moved and she was stuck without any net for two weeks and no TV for three. Are places just getting slowly at hooking up new customers? It seems like a bad way to do business.
  5. CHenne

    CHenne New Member

    Wow! That is horrible. I can't imagine not having internet at home. I hope Comcast is quick. When I have a problem at home with my internet I just take my stuff to work. I can always get online there.
  6. Timothy

    Timothy New Member

    Well, we finally got internet, but it was with little thanks to Comcast! They came out and did an "outside reconnect" but failed to tell us that they hooked up the bedroom instead of the living room. When we finally got our self-install kit, we fought with hooking everything up in the living room, discovering there was no internet, and then arguing with customer service about it on the phone. Customer service had no idea they'd hooked up the bedroom so they said a tech would have to come out (again). They promised a tech would call the next day to schedule a visit, only it never happened. Only by the grace of God did we figure out what happened, because my wife's stepdad works for Charter and had a "gut feeling" about the situation. He told us to try hooking the modem up in the bedroom for kicks and there ya' go, problem solved. I will NEVER go with Comcast voluntarily EVER again!!
  7. BestDaddyEver

    BestDaddyEver New Member

    I'm sorry to hear that. I also have Comcast as my internet provider, and their costumer service is not that great. Hopefully you get your internet soon.
  8. Sinbian

    Sinbian New Member

    It seems to me that big companies do business in such a way all the time. Once your business gets big you forget about the little guy.
  9. Bear

    Bear New Member

    I am glad that you were finally able to get it taken care of. We are stuck with AT&T and I hate them. They know that they can provide horrible customer service because they are the only provider here!

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