A Beginners Guide to Bowling Balls

If you are looking for something fun to do with your kids, then there is nothing more fun for the whole family than bowling. Bowling is one of the few sports that everyone can play, but it is still extremely difficult to master. If you want to get the most out of your bowling experience, then you need to get your own bowling ball.

There are several different types of bowling balls that all do different things while on the lane. The easiest way to classify the different bowling balls is to separate them based on performance. The four different bowling ball classifications are plastic, entry level, mid level and high performance. This distinction is based only on how much the ball will hook on the lane. A high performance bowling ball is not going to get more strikes than a lower level bowling ball. If you know the differences between the four types of bowling balls, then you will be able to know exactly what type of ball you need to succeed at the sport.


Plastic bowling balls are the most basic and cheapest bowling balls on the market, and will cost around $100 to purchase. Plastic bowling balls are designed to go straight. You will not be able to get a proper hooking motion out of plastic bowling ball. Plastic bowling balls are generally used to teach younger kids how to properly throw a bowling ball. Advanced bowlers will also use plastic balls to help them pick their spares. Since a hooking bowling ball will get you more strikes, it is not ideal to use a plastic ball as your primary bowling ball.

Entry Level Performance

Entry level performance bowling balls are designed to give a small hooking motion before the bowling ball hits the pins. This small hooking motion will help scatter the pins and increase your chances of getting a strike. Since entry level bowling balls have the smallest hooking motion, they can be easily controlled by new bowlers. Entry level performance bowling balls are slightly more expensive than plastic. It will cost about $140 to buy an entry level bowling ball and get it drilled to properly fit your hand. More advanced bowlers will also use entry level bowling balls when all of their other balls are hooking too much.

Mid Level Performance

Mid level performance bowling balls will provide the ideal amount of hook for most bowling alleys. While a mid level bowling ball will match up on more bowling lanes, they may be rather difficult to control for beginning bowlers. It will cost about $180 for a mid level performance bowling ball once you pay to get it drilled to fit your hand. If you have regularly bowled for a few years, then a mid level performance bowling ball may be the ideal choice.

High Performance

High performance bowling balls are designed to give the bowler the most hook, and will cost around $230. High performance bowling balls are made to provide advance bowlers a ball to use on the most difficult lane conditions. If there is a lot of oil on the lane, then mid level and entry level bowling balls will struggle to hook. High performance bowling balls for perfect for this occasion. If you are not bowling in difficult tournaments, then you will probably never see enough oil to have to use a high performance bowling ball. These bowling balls should not be used by beginning bowlers because they will provide an uncontrollable amount of hook. While the big hook will look cool on the lane, you scores will suffer.