Equipment for your Private Playground

Traditional playgrounds for children include swings, slides and climbing walls. Playgrounds for adults are usually filled with electronics or hunting items that aren’t necessarily safe for children to use. The chasm that exists between the kid’s swing set outside and the man cave in the house can make it hard to bond with your child. However, there is equipment you can bring into your home that can be enjoyed by all members of the family.

Air Hockey and Pool
Commonly referred to as Pockey tables, these clever toys feature a reversible air hockey game and pool table. The pool table isn’t quite full-size, but it’s still large enough to teach your kids how to play a mean game of pool. The versatility of the table makes it a smart choice financially. You can easily spend time with your kids playing pool or hockey, teaching them good sportsmanship and providing them with memories that will last a lifetime.

Mesh Swing
Mesh hammock swings can be mounted on a swing set. If the set is sturdy enough, the swing can be used by adults and children alike. Imagine the simple pleasure of relaxing in the swing on a late summer afternoon, joining your children in the pleasure provided by their playground. When the kids ask to be pushed on the swing, you will be able to happily oblige. Be prepared to be pushed in your swing, because your kids will get a kick out of helping you swing, also.

Basketball Hoop
You don’t have to be Michael Jordan to teach your son how to play some ball. The only requirement for this piece of playground equipment is that you are willing to spend time with your kids, shooting the ball and playing a few games of one-on-one. If you’re not willing to put holes in the house by mounting it on the roof or wall, consider picking up a portable hoop that will sit next to the driveway.

It has been said that the biggest difference between men and boys is the price of their toys. If you love working on cars or transforming planks of wood into functional pieces of furniture, then it might be time to get a toolbox for your son or daughter. Invite them to join you when you change the oil or start a new project. You will be teaching your child valuable skills while also providing a fantastic boost in self-confidence.

Your kids may be too young for motorcycles, but regular bikes are appropriate for all ages. Get all the bikes in good working order, and then take your child out riding on some local trails. Pack a lunch and take time on the trail to look at the local wildlife. You will get in a good workout, your kids will love spending time with you and everyone will look forward to the next trip out on the trail, or around the block.

When it’s all said and done, what your children really want is your time. They want to know that they are important to you. Whether you head out on regular camping trips or spend the weekends shooting pool with your kids, the activity isn’t nearly as important as spending time together. You will build memories that your child will cherish forever while you strengthen your bond.