Fantasy Football Offline Draft Sites

An offline fantasy football draft can be held just about anywhere. The only location requirement is that enough room exists to accommodate every member.

However, the chosen place will directly affect the overall experience for each team owner. That must be kept in mind when deciding where a draft will happen. It should also be remembered that the draft’s primary purpose is for everyone to have a good time.

Below you will find three places commonly used for offline drafts along with some points for and against each spot.

1. Private Residence
Most offline fantasy football drafts occur at the home of a league member. Some leagues rotate the hosting duty while others have someone willing to do it annually. Typically a living room or basement is used, but a garage or outdoor patio are viable options as well.

A big advantage of using a personal dwelling is the privacy that it offers. Since nobody is out in public, rules such as those prohibiting cigar smoking are not enforced. Also this saves money by avoiding room rental fees and allowing for food to be homemade.

The homeowner can create one potential problem though. Some have a tendency to invite non-league guests, which can take up room and/or create distractions. On the flip side of that, homeowners may have to keep an eye on league member behavior instead.

2. Sports Bar
Some of the larger sports bars invite leagues to come and hold a draft there. Such places usually have an abundance of chairs and tables. Private areas are available at some bars and can be reserved for a draft.

Constant wait staff service and no mess to clean after make this an attractive option for some. Certain bars actually offer food and drink specials to drafting leagues. A few will even supply a full draft kit.

Having the league draft in a bar can bring about some negative aspects as well. Even if specials are offered, beer and snacks can be expensive and a substantial tab will probably be run up. Another issue is that excessive noise and rude patrons might cause complications as a league tries to draft.

3. Banquet Hall/Private Club
Large rooms for rent can usually be found at banquet halls or private clubs. This could be the next step if a home or sports bar were not feasible drafting options. Size, price and availability will vary at each place that is checked.

The league will benefit from this option by having ample room, plentiful seating and no outside distractions. There should be enough wall space for posting any necessary draft boards. Aside from this, league members can limit the attendees to those who have paid to be there.

A major obstacle with renting a spot is that it can be very expensive, even with any discounts a league might get. Certain team owners may not want to pay the extra money or in some cases might be unable to. The league must also adhere to any rules, which could be something strict like no alcohol or gambling on site.