The Best Home Theater Systems for you and your Wallet

A home theater system, also known as a home cinema, is a entertainment setup designed for private homes, that recreate a commercial movie theater like environment, mood and experience using audio and video equipment. Home theater systems commonly include a video display unit that measures at least 40 inches, and an audio system that has at least five speakers that provide a surround sound effect and is capable of decoding five or more channels. It also includes a video component such as a DVD player. Continue reading for a review of the best home theater systems for you and your wallet.

1. The Klipsch Synergy Quintet III Home Theater Speaker System

This is a 5 piece system with surround sound. It has horn loaded tweeters, woofers that have high output, and a 200W per channel power handling capacity. The centre channel has a capacity of 300W maximum. It has a modern and clean design and is designed to fit any living surroundings. It has small speakers that can deliver a very good sound quality.

2. The Energy 5.1 Take Classic System

This system is a set of 6 pieces. It consists of four black two way satellite speakers, a 200W subwoofer, a black centre channel, and is ideal for any surround solution that requires surround sound, large or small. An extra advantage of this system is that it can easily be mounted on a wall.

3. The Panasonic SC-BTX70

This is a high quality, 375 Watts Blu-ray home theater system that is optimized for high speed internet access. It has an integrated dock that can couple with Blu-ray and iPod. It has top mounted speakers and provides 7.1 virtual surround. Another great product from Panasonic.

4. The Mirage NANOSAT 5

This is a two way, five channel home theater surround sound system. It is a small and unobtrusive system that can easily fit and living room or lifestyle, and provides clear and powerful sound. It features a 2.75″ woofer and a high quality tweeter. Its magnetic shielding is an added bonus, this feature helps prevent TV interference.

5. The Onkyo HT-S990THX 7.1 THX

This home theater system delivers 100W per channel. It has 7.1 multi channel inputs that are color coded. It is Blu-Ray and HD-DVD compatible. This is the first home theater system that meets THX’s parameters for system performance. It has a great price, fantastic sound, and is easy to setup. It comes up in less than three hours.

6. The Athena 15373-4 Micra

This home theater system has 6 speakers and comes in two flavors – black and chrome. It consists of four satellites with long throw woofers and a powerful tweeter. It has an eight inch sub woofer. Each of these has an included wall mounting bracket. This system is well known for being well suited to smaller rooms.

7. The Energy RC-Micro 5.1

This surround sound home theater system comes with a black finish and features aluminium woofers and tweeters that provide high quality sound. This system delivers superbly authentic sound and is inconspicuous due to its small size. The Energy RC speakers provide thrillingly realistic sound quality and added bonus is the ease with which the system can be setup.

A home theatre system is a great addition to any home. It can give you the movie going experience in the comfort of your own home and in the intimate company of your friends, family and loved ones. Home theatres are a great investment in improving your quality of life and are great to help you unwind after a hard day’s work. Due to the plethora of excellent options available in the market today, acquiring a home theatre need no longer be hard on your wallet. Have fun shopping!