Don’t Live With Doubt, Use a Home Paternity Test to Get the Answer

Paternity is an important issue. Not only are there financial and emotional implications, there can be medical implications also. Biological fathers have a legal and moral obligation to support their child in financial and emotional ways. Building a healthy child requires both parents; those who grow up in single parent homes experience a greater chance of problems in their adult lives. Unfortunately, there are situations when paternity fraud happens. Sometimes it is intentional and other times it is unintentional. Regardless of the cause, a man deserves to know the truth regarding paternity. Once the truth is revealed, the man can act appropriately. In the past, paternity tests were required to be done in a laboratory. Now, men can stop living with doubt, and they can use a home paternity test to get the answer.

Science and technology has advanced drastically over the years. Human DNA discovery has made it possible to make solid affirmations regarding paternity, crime, and medical diagnoses. In the past, many men were forced to take care of children that were not biologically related to them. The science had not been created that could verify or confirm paternity. Fortunately, men today can get the facts. This is important for the child also. Children deserve to know the truth. This does not mean that a man will not take care of a child that is not related to him biologically; it simply gives the man an option to do the right thing based on facts.

Furthermore, the accuracy of home paternity tests should be a powerful motivator for men. No longer is it necessary to drag everyone involved to the hospital or doctor’s office. The potential father can perform the test in the privacy of their own home, and this can be done even if the mother does not participate. Science has advanced to a point where scientists can determine paternity with the child and man’s DNA. It is more accurate if all parties are included; however, the results still have a high degree of accuracy without the mother being included in the test. There is no reason to live in doubt; a man can use a home paternity test to get the answer. The test is not painful to the man or the child. It is a very simple test, and it takes a few minutes to perform. The father will swab the insides of his mouth and the child’s mouth. The q-tip that is used will be packaged separately. The man will put his swab in a package, and he will put the child’s swab in another package. The package will be sealed and mailed to the laboratory address on the test. Test results can be received within 6-8 weeks. This can all be done for a very affordable price.

Once the results are received, the man can have confidence in knowing the truth. The man then has the power to decide what to do if the child is not his biologically. If the child is his, there are certainly financial and emotional obligations. Knowing the truth truly does set a person free to do the right thing. There is no reason to live in doubt any longer; Purchase a home paternity test and get the facts that you and the child deserve. Do it for you, and do it for the child. There is no need to live with doubt and deception.