How Fathers Can Get to Know Their Babies

A father has a wonderful opportunity to build a close relationship with his new baby. In fact, the care and attention a father gives to his child contributes greatly to the baby’s sense of security. Because children grow up so quickly, it is important for a father to begin building a relationship with his son or daughter right away. Fortunately, a father has many ways to be more involved in his baby’s life.

One of the simplest ways a father can grow closer to his baby is to take him or her along on daily errands. For instance, a father may take his baby on the weekly trip to the grocery store. While he does his shopping, he can talk to the baby about what they’ll do later in the day, his favorite type of cereal, or virtually any other topic. A father may feel uncomfortable or self-conscious at first about talking to a little baby around other people. However, he should focus on the fact that though the baby may not understand his words, he or she loves to hear the sound of dad’s voice. Taking the baby along on a trip to the library, to the post office, to the bookstore, or even out to lunch at a restaurant are all great opportunities for a father and baby to bond.

Sharing a storybook together each day is another positive way for a father to be more involved in his baby’s life. A father may want to visit the library and choose several books with colorful illustrations as well as rhymes to read aloud to his baby. Reading a story to baby while cuddling in a rocking chair or on the sofa is an experience that no father should pass up. In addition, a father may find some favorite stories from his own childhood to share with his young son or daughter. Regardless of the children’s book that is selected, sharing quiet reading time with a baby is an enjoyable way for a father to grow closer to him or her.

Mealtime with baby is an ideal opportunity for a father to grow closer to his son or daughter. A father may want to make a favorite sandwich for himself and pull up a chair to sit near his baby. Whether a father is feeding his child a bottle or giving him or her spoonfuls of baby food, they can both enjoy this special time. While sharing a pleasant mealtime, a father can talk to the baby and maybe even sing a song or two. The baby will certainly appreciate the time spent with dad along with the tasty meal.

Fathers who take their babies out on walks in the fresh air are not only getting some exercise, they are spending valuable time with their children. A simple walk or stroller ride to the park gives a father countless opportunities to talk with his baby. He may want to point out interesting birds, trees, clouds, and other aspects of nature. Perhaps he may want to tell his son or daughter a story or two about his life. Most importantly, on a walk, a father has the chance to be right alongside his child as he or she discovers the exciting things found in nature.

Without a doubt, a father has a lot to contribute to his baby’s life. Every father has his own funny stories, wisdom, and life lessons to share with his son or daughter. Fathers who make an effort to be closely involved in their babies’ lives are helping their children develop into confident, secure people. Regardless of whether a father is talking about his schooldays or singing a familiar lullaby, a baby will feel comforted by his presence. Naturally, building a close relationship with a child is a gradual process. Therefore, it benefits both father and baby to start building a relationship from the very beginning.