The Joy Of A New Baby

If you are on the verge of becoming a new father, then you may be worried about whether this will be a joyous experience that you ought to be looking forward to, or whether you are in for a nightmarish experience that will effectively end your life as you know it. It is definitely true that you won’t be able to do a great many things that you have hitherto enjoyed in your life. You won’t be able to rush out to the bar to meet your work buddies at a moment’s notice simply to hang out with them and to discuss sports and politics. You probably won’t be able to continue enjoying all the clubs and hobby groups that you have relied upon to give meaning to your life. The manner in which you plan your weekends will certainly change: you may not be able to throw those huge Sunday football sports parties for you and your friends any longer.

Despite all these changes in your life, you can rest easy knowing that they will be replaced by even better and more fulfilling things. It is no accident that many men report that their lives absolutely changed when their first child was born. No man can expect or be prepared for the changes that will happen within him on the day that his first child comes out of his mother’s womb. Psychologists and brain scientists have done a great deal of research in this area. They have wanted to find out exactly what occurs inside a man’s brain on the day when he holds his newborn child for the first time. What they have found is absolutely astounding. These scientists have found that the changes that occur inside a man’s brain are nearly as dramatic as the changes that occur within a woman’s brain. Entire new classes of chemicals are released and begin to circulate within the brain. These chemicals give rise to new hormones that control emotions and motivations. As a new father, you will find that your rich emotional life will change for the better.

One observation that many people have made in regards to men who have become new fathers is that they seem to become remarkably more responsible. Although you may cringe at this word, it may not necessarily be a bad thing. There is a high likelihood that you have often wished that you could become more responsible, make money more consistently, eat more of the right foods, and otherwise perform more of the behaviors that you know are logically correct, but your wild streak kept getting in the way. When you have your first baby, it will be much easier for you to act in the manner that you have always known to be your true nature. There will no longer be as much inner conflict surrounding the issue.

One of the major changes you will experience is that you may no longer find yourself as self centered and egotistical as you have been throughout your life. Rather than considering yourself as the top priority in every decision that you make in your life, you will now put the needs of your child first. You will have a strong desire to nurture your child in such a way that he or she becomes a strong competent adult in the future. You will want to give your child the best education that you can. Sometimes this may mean that you will seek out special tutors for your child. You may even dedicate yourself to the task completely if you decide that the government schools aren’t adequately performing the job.

As you watch your child grow up, you will feel a continuously swelling sense of pride. Although your child will eventually become an independent person who is fully capable of making decisions on their own, you will know deep down that you provided all the tools necessary for him or her to succeed.