Things a New Father Can Do to Bond With His Baby

Having a new baby in the house can be an exciting, life-changing event for any new dad. One of the most common questions new fathers have when they have a baby is how they can bond with their child. Many men claim they are not sure how they can have their own special moments particularly if the mom is breastfeeding. For those new dads, here is a look at some things a new father can do to bond with his baby and develop his own special relationship with his new child.

The first step involves feeding. If the new mom chooses to breastfeed this may seem a bit tricky but there are still ways to incorporate the father into the feedings. One great way to do this is by having the mom pump her breastmilk into a bottle so the new father has a chance to feed his baby. Not only is this beneficial to the mom but it is a great opportunity for new dads and babies to bond. For those parents who make the decision to not breastfeed new fathers should take the opportunity to use feeding times as their own special times with the baby. Dads can use this time to talk to their new baby and will soon notice that if their baby hears them they will turn to look for them.

In addition to talking to their baby while feeding them another great way for new fathers to bond with their baby is to read to them. This may seem a bit silly considering how much new babies sleep but studies have shown that reading aloud to babies is actually very calming to both the baby and the parent. It can be anything from the news to a dad’s own favorite book as a child. Many new fathers enjoy this time with their new baby as they get to hold them and babies will love hearing their dad’s voice. This is one bonding tradition that can be carried on throughout childhood making happy memories both for the baby and the dad.

New fathers can also take over the bath duties as a way to bond with their new baby. While in the beginning babies can only receive a sponge bath till the umbilical cord falls off new dads can start out by taking over this chore for themselves. Once the baby has matured new dads can actually take baths with their baby. This is a great bonding experience because babies love and thrive off of touch. Skin to skin touch can be very soothing to the baby. While getting used to the water temperature may take some time, most dads will love the opportunity bathing together gives them. Once the baby gets older and can splash around it can turn into great fun for both the parent and the child.

Playing games, even at the newborn stage can be a great way for new fathers to bond with their baby. Simple games such as peek-a-boo at this age can be beneficial to the new dad and baby. The baby gets the opportunity to begin focusing on their dad and recognizing him. Dads will be thrilled later on when their new baby smiles those first real smiles for them. It also makes for a great opportunity to take pictures. New dads can play this game while holding their baby and simply closing their eyes and saying “peek-a-boo” or by actually covering their face while their baby is in their swing or bouncy seat. At first babies are not able to react much, but later on they will recognize the game and show emotion to it.

Lastly, bedtime can be a great way for new fathers to bond with their baby. This can be as simple as laying the baby on their chest and watching TV as they dose off or rocking them in a rocking chair while listening to some soothing music. Many new dads claim this is their favorite way to bond as it ends their day on a peaceful, happy note as they get to know their new baby.