What To Look For In Parenting Courses

For many men, transiting roles from dude to dad can be a frightening experience. There is help available through parenting classes. Many all-guy parenting classes are available that offer knowledge, experience and a new found confidence for being a first-rate dad.

Many dads go through the customary parenting classes: learning infant CPR, childbirth research, the various stages of labor, how to change a baby’s diaper, dealing with the terrible two’s and so forth. Yet, for many dads, there is still a plethora of information they need in order to feel ready and equipped to be a great father. When attempting to find a solid parenting class, researching the topics offered, ensuring the instructors are knowledgeable and proficient in fun and practical parenting information is important. Let’s face it, being a good dad does not come with an instruction manual, or a fix-all remote control with special pause, fast-forward and rewind buttons. With hard work, practicality, a little patience and some friendly advice, you can be as prepared for parenthood as you are for the neighborhood barbeque.

Okay fella’s, lets face the facts; most baby and child raising books are directed toward women, and while feelings and breast feeding are all wonderful topics and important to the overall child raising subject, we need some information aimed at us and how we can improve our dad skills. When looking for a parenting class, there are courses aimed solely at men, offering an all man atmosphere where we can be comfortable asking the questions we want the answers to and getting information about subjects important and pertaining to our parenting role.

Aside from being in an environment that is productive to dad pertaining questions, you want to ensure your parenting classes have a little bit of everything. Sometimes the basics are overlooked. Understanding how subjects like: bathing, dressing, diapering and first aid are all great starting points. Other important aspects of a good parenting class will include how to sooth an upset child, cooking healthy foods, what to do for tummy aches, fevers, and how to react to children’s common fears, fits and what kinds of activities can be included in quality dad and kiddo time. Many dads’ fear aspects of parenting like, taking a child into public alone, bathing baby, or getting the toddler ready for bed, but these fears and concerns are common and all aspects a good, solid parenting class will review.

Being a good dad is not just limited to knowing what to do and how to react to vomiting, crying and runny noses; being a good dad requires an understanding of self and facing the fears we have of failing. We all have them, and a good parenting class will address these fears and give you solid and productive tools to overcome these fears. Being a dad can be a challenge, but it is also the most amazing thing that will even happen to you.
Another aspect of good parenting involves understanding mom a little better. Getting a grasp on what your significant other wants out of parenting and how joining forces against naughty tantrums, bed time blues and frightening fevers can not only augment your parenting abilities, but can strengthen the relationship between a dad and mom. Parenting classes should combine additional information about the relationships between dad and child and dad and mom. Parenting is a combined effort and information relating to the importance of collaboration and teamwork will be of utmost importance.

Solid parenting classes will consist of eight to ten dads, plus a good instructor, and should include discussion time, slideshows, skill tips, child CPR training, books, and quick reference hand-outs. Being a dad should be the most exciting period of your life. You will always be a man, and after a good, informative parenting class you will be able to add awesome dad to football, fishing, tools, and barbeques as subjects in your portfolio of skill and knowledge.