Being a Good Father

Obviously, what it takes to be a good father is a very subjective thing and everyone’s opinions differ on the matter. For some, it’s spending a lot of time with your children, for others, the mere act of having the title of father is enough to make you a good one. Below, a few general characteristics are outlined that are generally thought to be the the things that make a good father.

1. Firstly, having a decent job to support your family is a great characteristic of being a father. Bringing a child into the world is a huge responsibility and if you’re not ready to support your offspring financially, you’re doing a great disservice to them. While you may not show up at every father-child event at their school, if you are capable of holding down a job that puts money in the bank and food on the table, you’re well on your way to being a good father.

2. Depending on the age of your child, play time is a big deal. Children learn through playing and mimicking what their parents do, so spending as much time as you can playing and talking with your young ones will not only help their physical development in this world, but also their emotional progress too. There are no hard numbers that need to be met, but a general rule of thumb is playing or “hanging out” with your child for at least half an hour a day will help their development ten fold.

3. As your children age, it’s time to move out of the playing realm and into the talking realm. As children move into adolescence, they need more and more social interaction on a communication level than a “fun” level. Talking to your kids about their life, maybe over dinner every evening, and their sexuality will help build a lasting relationship between them and you.

4. As a parent, you unknowingly sign a responsibility waiver. Within that waiver, you’re are basically signing up to take the fall for things your kids do that gets them into trouble. We’ve all had our parents bail us out of sticky situations from time to time and as a parent yourself, you’re no different. Obviously, it’s still necessary to teach your kids lessons as they move through life, but taking the blame from time to time is necessary to show your kids that you’re there for them. A mixture of love and tough love is a good thing to have.

5. And, tough love leads us to the next point of being a good father. Sometimes you have to lay down the law with your kids and show them things that they shouldn’t be doing. People learn by making mistakes and if you don’t show kids that their mistakes have consequences, they’ll continue to make them. No matter how hard it is to reprimand your kids, it’s something that you have to do. But, make sure you don’t overdo it and find your way into being too strict.

6. To close, the final tip will be a very broad and vague one. The only way to make sure you’re a good father at the end of the day is to use your best judgment. No guide can outline a list of steps for you to follow to rectify your father-child relationship. The only one that can change things is you and if you think you’re doing the best you can as a parent, you probably are. Listen to what your kids have to say and take some input from time to time. You’ll be surprised that they’re probably just as worried about messing up and losing your trust as you are with them.