Building Daughter’s Self Esteem

In today’s society, it’s hard for women not to feel objectified. It seems as if the media is constantly setting these unattainable standards for women which, in turn, is causing the self esteem of women across the nation to plummet. Knowing that your daughter will be entering a world where high self esteem is hard to hold onto can be a jagged pill to swallow. However, there are simple things that you can do as a father to build your daughter’s self esteem and give her the best preparation possible for the real world.

One of the first things you must do to prepare the process for building your daughter’s self esteem is to minimize the amount of media that she is exposed to. The media is constantly subliminally dictating what is attractive and what isn’t, and if you’re going to be building your daughter’s self esteem up, your efforts can’t be diminished by the media’s negative effects.

In addition to this, the most important way to start building your daughter’s self esteem is by repeatedly letting your daughter know that she is beautiful, intelligent, brave, and more. Be sure to compliment your daughter on a daily basis, so that she becomes used to hearing these things. Once your daughter is so used to hearing them, she will also begin to believe them if she already doesn’t. Praising your child is essential to parenting as it builds their pride up, and it helps them to notice their great qualities.

As the father, it is especially important for you to work extra keenly and hard at helping to build your daughter’s self esteem. This means choosing your words wisely when it comes to speaking about women and just showing a generous amount of respect towards them. Your daughter will notice these actions, and they will definitely have an effect on the way she relates to men. Because of this it’s extremely important to treat and speak about women with utmost respect so that you’re daughter inherits the correct understanding.

Additionally, help your daughter to get involved with something. If she’s not already playing a sport or participating in an after-school club, encourage her to get involved with her peers. Working together with other children toward a common goal can really work wonders for building self esteem as well as friendships.

Be sure to talk to your daughter about everything as well. For example, if she’s arriving at the age where the sex talk is essential, don’t put it on the back burner because it would be just too awkward. You are immensely helping your child out by talking to them about these hard subjects. You wouldn’t want her getting the facts about sex from some punk in the back of the school bus, so let her know if she ever needs to talk about anything that you are there. You don’t want to shut doors on her in terms of talking about dense stuff. She might end up feeling shameful in the end because of this.

Always remember that simply being a part of your daughter’s life will make her feel worthy and accepted. Make it a point to spend time with her on a regular basis so that she doesn’t feel left out or ignored. Showering your child with your attention and love will be a lot of what prepares her self esteem for the real world, and there really is no better preparation.