Children and the Internet

With the development of technology, children started thinking the exact opposite way of what parents think. Why? The guess is so simple; Parents think the internet would help children develop their knowledge and that it can be used as an educational tool while the children use to for purposes other than the above stated. With this great tool, the internet, an invention that has turned masses into chunks are used for communication, finding information, playing games, chatting, shopping.. The list never seems to end; literally, there is nothing you can’t do with the internet. But the internet has no sense of discrimination; it offers the same to individuals of any age. This amazing quality of the internet has now made the use of internet an important parenting responsibility. Parents should restrict from using certain parts of the internet which is beyond their age limit and guide them properly.
Statistically, more than 17 million teenagers use the internet. Parents are not so adept with its usage and thus seem believe that their children use it for useful activities. It’s good to trust, but your kid might unknowingly get into danger! Where? How? Simple internet terms like e-mail, instant messaging, pop-ups showing pornographic content, news groups, and chat rooms.

If you are still unable to believe, read forth.
Children using the internet are exposed to inappropriate content, violence, abusive language and pornography. All these things are adult material and can spoil the mind of a child. Harassment via chatting and receiving junk email that contain rubbish are common. A few years ago, serious cases of online allurement to sexual activities were on the rise. Cases of cyber stalking or stalking still prevail, inviting more troubles to the child, particularly teenagers. These are real dangers on which attempts are being made to curb such activities but the more the restrictions, the more the loopholes being found.
•    You should teach your child some common guidelines to be followed when using the internet. These guidelines are as follows;
•    Never give out any personal information. Always stay in an alias name when using the internet.
•    Do not share passwords with even close friends. Only parents and the child should know the passwords of the child.
•    Do not click on a link that is not necessary. Never reply to someone you don’t know.
•    Don’t transfer pictures or any other information to someone whom you don’t know.
•    If someone over the internet asks for a meet up, never agree to it.
•    If you are uncomfortable using the internet, tell it to an older person.

If you find your child watching inappropriate, harmful or offensive material on the internet, try it know if it was by accident. Don’t punish your child for such accidents as they are common on the internet. If you find that your child is doing so frequently, it’s time for you to take away the computer for sometime till he realizes that it’s not the age.

Filtering software helps in protecting your child from viewing illegal, harmful, adult material on the internet. You can buy such software on the internet or from any local computer shop.