Connecting With Your Child before Birth

While it is the woman’s body that experiences all the changes and miracles associated with bringing a new life into the world, there are many ways for dads also to feel connected to the unborn child. Read on for some great practical tips on how to feel a special bond with your little one, even before meeting face to face.

Be Kind To Mama

One of the best ways to connect with your child before birth is to show kindness and understanding to the woman growing this new life. Go with her to doctor’s appointments and childbirth classes. Show patience during any hormonal changes. Rub her tired feet and back. Allow her quiet time to rest. Find creative ways to let her know that you find her beautiful. Tell her that you love her and display this love through not only words, but also thoughtful actions such as listening and dreaming with her about this new life.

Talk to the Baby

Babies can hear, even in the womb. Be sure to frequently talk to baby. As you talk, gently massage your significant others belly. As the pregnancy progresses, you will even be able to feel the kicks and movements of the baby. Although you may initially feel silly talking to a belly, your baby will begin to recognize the sound of your voice, and it will be familiar when the baby is born. If you are musically inclined, consider singing to the baby, or even composing a song for the baby.

Get the Nursery Ready

Discussing nursery ideas with your significant other makes the unborn baby seem very real. If you are accepting hand me down baby items from generous friends or family members, they are very likely to share their fond memories of this special time in life, which makes the baby’s arrival even more anticipated. When the nursery is actually set up, the baby seems very real. There is actually a space in your home dedicated to this little person. Sometimes it is hard for men to feel especially bonded to a baby before birth, so taking physical action to get ready for baby is helpful in this bonding process.

Choose a Name

If you decide to find out the gender of the baby ahead of time, choosing a name can be very significant. There are various books and websites containing a myriad of baby name options. You may also decide to use a family name. When you begin referring to this unborn child with a real name, you can really start to imagine who this little person will be!

Above all, enjoy this very special time. Take time to savor the pregnancy, and take time to marvel at the joy of parenthood when baby arrives!