Fatherhood Guide: Affection

Being a father is a tricky thing. You want to show your son or daughter that you are the man of the house, but you also want to be sure to be loving, too. Many men in today’s day and age do not know how to show affection to their children. However, it is possible to learn this skill. If a man can learn how to be an affectionate child, he will no doubt strengthen the relationship he has with the his child but will also teach this child how to trust men. And of course, affection shows children that they are loved, something incredibly important for a child’s self esteem. The following are some tips for how to approach affection.

The first step to learning how to be affectionate is to seek the counsel of loved ones. This is a chance to talk to a spouse or loved one and explain that you want to learn how to be kinder and more openly affectionate. The people you trust and love are those who can help you the most with this goal. After all, they are the people who can offer you some real life or applicable tips for how to show your child you love them. The more you talk about this goal, the more feasible it is that you will make it happen. Affection is not easy for some people, especially males in today’s society. Take a big breath and explain your fears and needs to friends, family members, and other close confidantes. Just by saying the words out loud, you will be one step closer to learning the art of affection.

Showing affection is about saying what you think: that you care. Thus, it is important that you always thank your child when he or she helps you out and that you congratulate children when they do well. These small things mean the most and are things the child will internalize. Similarly, it is important that you reach out to your child when he or she is hurting. This may mean that you go in to check on them when they are sick or have had a bad day at school or that you randomly pick them up their favorite candy on the way home from school.

You do not have to be super touch-feely to be affectionate. However, some touch is necessary. This means that you should learn how to push yourself so that you hug your children when they do well, at night when they go to sleep, and on big occasions. Learning positive touch is important for a child, and it means that you need to learn how to fill this role as a father and as a man.

The details matter when it comes to parenting. All a father has to do is utter a good job or to hug their child when he or she does well and the child will feel supported and loved. Affection is simply showing people how you feel through words, gestures, and the smallest of actions. If a man can learn how to be more affectionate, it is something that will make the family that much happier and healthier. All it takes is breaking out of one’s comfort zones. Soon, you will learn how to be a doting father who is as affectionate as he is masculine.