Fathers, Spend Quality Time with Your Children

We’ve all had those days where it just doesn’t seem fair that we can’t spend enough time with our kids. We follow the same daily routine, and very seldom do we take the time to sit and connect with our kids. This especially happens when we are fathers. Mostly because our wives tend to do most of the “kid” stuff. Consequently, when we do try to help, it’s just not done the right way. So, here are a few tips to get that quality time in with your kids.
First, get on the floor. Yep, I said get on the floor. Young children will definitely be responsive to you when you are at their level. Play those daddy games that most moms just won’t do. For example, it’s okay to do a little wrestling around. Be safe, of course, but interacting with you in this way will give your kids a different type of play. Not to mention, it’s fun to get a little rise out of mom once in awhile. While you are on the floor, grab your kids’ toys to play with. You are not sitting on the floor to read the newspaper. The toys you work so hard to buy for your kids are what they enjoy playing with. How much fun would it be if dad would join in?
Now, find your feminine side. Sometimes it’s hard to interact with little girls when you are a dad. Most dads like that rough and tumble play, but some little girls just like to dress up and have tea parties. So, sit down, grab that little teacup and put your pinkie up. It’s tea time! Have you named your Barbie yet? Oh wait, you have to be Ken. So many times Ken gets left out because no boys would be caught dead playing Barbies. You are now the hero, the prince charming, the princess rescuer-whatever you are-you are making your little girl happy.
Improving your home life when you have teenagers can be complicated, too. If you wait until your children are thirteen and fourteen years old, you definitely have your work cut out for you. But, nothing is impossible. Buying your children material things will get you brownie points, but that is not exactly the right path to approach when improving your home life. If you must spend money on them, try this tip.
Take them shopping. It will take a little effort on your part not to feel a little awkward in those teenage stores while listening to teenage jargon. Not to mention, trying to talk to your kids while they are on their cell phones. But taking them shopping opens doors to their world. It allows time to talk with them and, most importantly, listen to them. You may not always agree with what they do, but listen. It will bring you closer together.
Short on money? No problem. Designate a “no cell phone” time. There are plenty of times that you are alone with your teenager, and the opportunity for communication is there. However, technology gadgets take up so much of our time-you included- that a simple conversation doesn’t happen. Honestly, fifteen minutes without technology will encourage you and your teenagers to bond, therefore improving your home life.
Our kids grow up so fast, and before we know it they are having their own kids. So, it’s time now to form a lifelong bond with them. Improve your home life by starting this bond right now. Whether you have a newborn or a seventeen-year-old, it is very possible to develop a healthy relationship with them. Fathers’ roles are changing, whereas we do not just have the title of “breadwinner” anymore. It is our input into our kids’ everyday lives that shape and form the adults they will eventually become.