Four Great Father Son Activities

Bonding between a father and his son is one of the most exciting events in a father’s life. This relationship may seem difficult at times, especially during teenage years, but fathers who stick with their sons and truly become a role model and a friend will learn that it is well worth it. Bonding best occurs when the father and the son are socializing and talking with one another. Whether you are playing a game, watching television, or simply talking about daily life, time spent with your son will be time spent well. Here is a short list of a few activities that can help fathers and sons grow closer to one another.

1. Camping

There is perhaps no activity that brings a father and son closer to each other than spending the weekend away from the girls and looking for adventure. Camping presents so many wonderful activities for fathers and sons that it can be done almost every week and boredom never sets in. If you are planning on taking your son camping with you, make sure to plan a few activities. Fishing, hiking, biking, and roasting marshmallows are just a few of the fun things that can be done on a camp out. Many grown men will look back at their childhood and remember some of their fondest memories occurring while camping out with dad.

2. Playing Catch

Whether you prefer baseball or football, playing catch seems to be the way that fathers and sons connect. Even if you are not a sports enthusiast you can always enjoy a little time in the sun with your son. Some of the best conversations that parents ever have with their children are had while playing outdoors. Other sports, such as basketball, soccer, tennis, and golf are also ideal activities for father-son bonding. Sports teach children how to deal with success and failure. By spending a few minutes every week with your son playing catch, you will start him on a path that will help him to become a successful person in work, school, and family activities.

3. Working in the Yard

Your son may not initially be excited about weeding the garden or mowing the lawn with you, but he will look back and be grateful for the time spent in the sun with his father. Special bonding can occur between fathers and their sons while working in the yard because it allows for plenty of time to talk and discuss life in general. Fathers will be surprised at how much they can get out of their sons while working in the yard, not to mention that yard work gets done in half the time!

4. Game/Movie Night

Every boy loves to watch a good ‘Guy Movie’, even if it is with his dad. A great idea for bonding with your son is to invite your wife to have a night out with your daughters or her friends without worrying about home life. This will open up the whole house for you and our son. Try to pick out a few movies that you know he will like. If you know that he likes sports, try to find a classic sports movie, or if your son is a martial arts fanatic, Jackie Chan flicks are sure to excite him. You can also try to play a few card or board games with your son. Once your boy begins to be a little bit older he may say that he prefers to play games and watch movies with his friends. One way to keep this tradition going is to allow your son to invite a few of his friends over to watch the movie with you.

There are so many wonderful father-son bonding activities. This is just a short list of a few activities, but the list could go on and on. The most important thing to remember when attempting to bond with your son is to try and spend a little time with him every day, talking and getting to know each other, no matter what the activity is you that you are engaged in.