Get Her in the Mood and Enjoy a Night of Unforgettable Passion

Night of Unforgettable PassionYou have to ask yourself, “What does my lady really like?” and start there. If you do not already know, you might want to learn her favorite ‘F’ words. Yes, that is definitely your ticket because as her man you absolutely need to know her favorite flower, favorite fragrance, and favorite food. You will want to increase your knowledge base even further by finding out her favorite film, favorite fun thing to do, and finally you must know her favorite fantasy. You see understanding, embracing your woman’s passions even the simplest ones is the secret to her happiness, and when she is in high spirits, it makes complete sense that as her partner you also will share in blissful gratification.

Once you know what things delight her senses, you can start developing a game plan. To begin an evening that you hope to finish as a memorable night of passion you will want to start with a bouquet of her most beloved flowers. Do not expect her to arrange them. You do it or even better, pay the florist or your best female friend to arrange the flowers for you in a beautiful vase. If you do not know her favorite flower, you cannot go wrong with red roses because it is symbolic of passionate love.

Next, plan too wine and dine your woman. If you decide to eat out, then you will want to make reservations at a restaurant deemed special for the two of you. A romantic atmosphere is the thing that evokes passion. If you are a talented chef, you may decide to stay home and cook for your woman, or ordering in is another option. You will want to set the ambiance with candlelight, crystal and fine china. This strategy will keep the mood comfortable and familiar, but just be certain your privacy remains intact.

At some point in the evening, you may want to set the mood by putting on some favorite romantic music and taking your lady in your arms for an intimate dance. When it is just the two of you, there are no limits to your imagination. One thing will certainly lead to another and you might suggest a bubble bath and a full body massage with scented lotions or oils to help her relax and work out any leftover stress from the day. Whatever your approach, know that making her feel like the most beautiful and loved woman in the world and indulging her senses will lead her and you to a passionate place. Take your time, savor the evening and let passion ignite into perfect and unmistakable pleasure.