Getting Involved in Charity

Ever wondered what you can do to help those in need? Maybe you think you’re too young to make a difference? Never! You’re can’t be too young, or too old, to help your community and your world. Here are some ideas to get you started in making a difference today:

1. Give to charity
Have you outgrown many of the toys that clutter up your room? If you’re ready to part with some of your old, but still in pretty good condition, toys, you can  donate them to women and children’s shelter. The children who are in these shelters probably don’t have much with them as they probably had to leave a dangerous situation very quickly.

2. Run a Charity Race
You’ve probably seen the ads on TV or in the paper asking people to get involved in a charity run. People sponsor you to run and when you’ve finished the run, the charity gets the donations. This is especially fun if you love to run! Next time you see one of those ads, check out the corresponding website if they have one. Otherwise you or a parent can call them and find out if there is an age requirement.

3. Start a Canned Food Drive
If your school doesn’t already do a canned food drive, you can start one up. Just talk to your principal first to make sure it’s okay. Other places you can start a food drive: church, sports groups you may belong to, and other groups you may belong to. If your school does do food drives, get involved and help advertise by making posters.

4. Have a Yard Sale
If you want to raise money to donate to a charity that works overseas, a yard sale is the perfect choice. It is too expensive to send boxes of things overseas and you want to give the charity the option of buying items that are really needed. This is also a good idea for raising money for you local hospital, school or a charity telethon.

5.  Volunteer
You will have to check on age requirements, but if you are interested in volunteering there are numerous places that would probably be happy to have your help: soup kitchens, food banks, shelters etc. Since charities want to do all they can for people in need they rely on volunteer help to keep things running smoothly.