Getting ready for back-to-school

It is not surprising that kids might be unwilling to go to school after their summer holidays. This is because they don’t want to leave the fun they had back home, they are not able to adjust immediately for going back to school. It’s time for them to realize that summer is over and that they’re supposed to go to school. With the upcoming of new school year, parents will have to carry the tension of shopping for the necessities of their child, yes it’s really stressful. But the stress can be managed by preparing in advance for all the things that are about to happen.

If you’ve decided to plan in advance, you should get your child involved. Discuss with the child on what to buy and what the kid needs. Stationeries (scissors, pencils, pencil pouches, crayons etc.) that are broken or worn out should be replaced with new ones.

Before the school begins, go for a family dinner. Stay together and have fun. Check your kid’s medical record and if there is a problem, consult a doctor immediately. The medical card and immunization reports are essential to enroll any child into a school.

Go for clothes shopping and get some new stuff for your kid. This will keep the excitement going and they would love wearing the clothes and showing it to their friends. In fact, this will make them want to go to school. Uniforms are mandatory in some schools. If that is the case, then finish this shopping at least two weeks before reopening of school. Choose the best variety and combinations that suit your child and make sure that your kid likes it.

Paperwork! Your kid should know about the home address, telephone number, parents’ full name and other necessary details. Keep an identity card inside the child’s pocket and one inside the back pack so that neither the back pack nor the kid gets lost (which is becoming quite common).

Clean the house and make it a study-friendly atmosphere for the kid. Set aside a quiet, private room with desk and desk supplies (like paper, pen, notebooks, etc.) for your child so that he develops a good study habit. If the room’s atmosphere is untidy, your child is going to hate studying. Make him comfortable by providing good study facilities.

Tasty food (note the word “tasty”) – Kids hate healthy foods and that’s the reason why they are kids. Involve your child in the food preparing process. Ask your child what he needs for lunch and when shopping for foods ask your child what he would like to have. Don’t encourage too much of junk food. Include healthy stuff in his lunch. Buy everything beforehand like foods for breakfast, lunch, after school snacks, munching in between studies. You can also save money by packing lunch for your kid. Frequent eating of foods from the school canteen is expensive and not healthy. When buying the best for your kid, it is important that you are able to establish everything within your budget.