Gifting Ideas For Father’s Day

What do you get for the dad who has everything? Many people struggle with buying the perfect Father’s Day gift that isn’t socks, oil, or some other generic “dad gift.” Here is some gift advice for the frustrated gift giver. It’s best to tailor this information according to the interests and individual qualities of the target father:

(1) Gift card to a favorite store. This one is controversial – some people say its impersonal and lazy, others say its the best gift of all. The advantages of a gift card are many: it forces the father to spend it on something he “wants” and not something he simply “needs,” it is flexible, and it’s fun. Cash is probably a bad idea, as he can use it too easily for bills – boring! The disadvantage, as suggested above, is that a gift card can be somewhat dull. Some dads love them, though!

(2) Grilling equipment. Many men love to cook on the barbecue, so if your dad enjoys it, buy him a belt, tongs, or special food and spices. The grilling accessories and gifts out there are nearly endless. Many dads will appreciate this timely gift, especially because Father’s Day kicks off the summer. If you’re feeling generous, buying him a new, fancy grill is an expensive, but awesome, option.

(3) Fancy alcoholic beverages or food. Perhaps your dad appreciates a fine beer, wine, or whiskey, but is too cheap to splurge. Do it for him! You could even couple it with some accessories, like a flask, shot glasses, or sweet beer mug. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not build an in-house bar area…that’s truly the gift that keeps on giving! You could also treat him to dinner at his favorite restaurant, especially if he’s reluctant to spend money on it himself.

(4) Sports gear. Many fathers enjoy outdoor activities like golfing or fishing, while others like sports like baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. If you enjoy this activity with him, knowing exactly what to get him is probably easy. If you know nothing about his hobby, you’ll have to do some investigation. Find out what kind of gear he needs, either by asking him subtly or snooping around. You could even ask the clerk for recommendations based on the hot new items.

(5) Clothing accessories. While it might be old hat, a thoughtful and meaningful tie may fit the bill. Try other accessories too, like a nice leather wallet, watch, or hat. You should probably avoid clothing, as that’s usually boring and generic, unless the item is something he needs and refuses to buy for himself.

(6) Tickets to a sports event or other live show. You know your dad best here. Does he love a particular sports team? Does he get a kick out of Broadway? Whatever it is, get him the best seats in the house. You could combine it with a T-shirt, jersey, or other memorabilia that he can wear to the event.

(7) Computer gear. If your dad is a computer aficionado, consider buying him the hottest new component, accessory, or software. If he loves music you could even consider an iPod, iPad, or other mp3, tablet computer, or smart phone product.

(8) A break. Dads work hard to provide for their family, so often the best gift is a break from the monotony. Consider funding a vacation for your father, or hiring someone to take care of odd jobs around the house that never seem to get done. He will thank you for the relaxation and convenience – especially if it’s something he never would have purchased himself.

(9) Time with loved ones. This is potentially the cheapest but also the most meaningful option. Spend time with your dad doing his favorite hobby, eating out at a great restaurant, or just lounging at the beach or around the house. He will enjoy your company, and your relationship will deepen. Isn’t that the point of Father’s Day after all?