How Important is a Father’s Role in Today’s Society?

Fathers have been assigned two of the most challenging roles in today’s society: Provider and Protector. A mother is essential for a child’s well-being and is vital to the upbringing and teaching of children, but the father’s role is just as important. It seems that our society has begun to lose touch with how important a father’s role truly is because of the recent, disturbing trend that a larger portion of children across the globe are raised in homes without fathers. The media, television, radio, and even politics have begun to poke at and make fun of the fact that many fathers are quick to run out the door and leave behind all responsibility. The bright spot in all of this is that there are many fathers who have stuck with their families and taken on the roles of provider and protector for their children and spouses.

There is a huge difference between a home that is run solely by a mother who is trying to provide for and nourish her children and a home that is equipped with a competent father who strives to fulfill his familial and patriarchal responsibilities. Children who have two mentors in the home will feel much more secure and protected within the confines of their house and will be grateful that a fatherly figure was present during youthful ages. The majority of single mothers can testify to the fact that stress and fatigue are constantly present when a father is not around.

Many two-parent households do not even recognize how blessed they are to have a father in the home. The absence of a father may result in a child feeling less loved and receiving less attention than he or she would have had a father been present. A father is also able to assist the mother in disciplining children, as needed. This means that children can learn from their mistakes and understand that consequences are a necessary part of life and the learning experience.

Throughout history, families have relied on the father to be the breadwinner and food provider of the household. It is true that women have recently begun to enter the workforce and can often earn a better wage than their male spouses. However, the majority of families across the world depend on a father’s work and employment to pay for essentials such as food, shelter, and clothing. Without fathers, many families would struggle to know where to turn for these needs.

Fathers also perform an essential role in influencing children as they grow to adulthood. In the past, many researchers and psychologists relied solely on the interaction between the children and their mother when studying families. Today, on the other hand, studies are showing that father’s play a distinct and crucial role in helping children become successful, happy, honest, reliable, and trustworthy. A father who frequently plays with his children and teaches them about life experiences can dramatically alter the path a child follows.

Fathers are also the greatest teachers and instructors in the world. A good relationship between a father and his child will lead to that child asking important questions of his or her father as they grow up. Whether the father is able to teach the child about school, work, dating, or even sports, he is helping his child to learn about the world around him or her and teaching them how to be successful in life.

A good father will also support his children during their most difficult challenges. A child who struggles with behavioral, health, emotional, or mental problems will benefit from the presence of a loving father who dedicates his time and talents to helping his children overcome these problems. Every child will go through difficult experiences as a teenager and young adult in which he or she will require assistance from a mentor. A father has often been through the same, or similar, challenges as their children.

Without a doubt, there are very few roles in life as important as a father’s role in raising and teaching children.