How to Be Romantic With Your Wife

How to be romantic with your wifeBeing romantic with your wife shows her that you still care about your bond with her. In the craziness of everyday life, fathers can get caught up in work, kids, sports and everything else. Even amidst this chaos, a husband can show his love and respect for his wife in simple ways every day. Every day offers thousands of moments that a husband can use to create a little romance in the relationship.

An easy way to show romance to one’s wife is to make her feel hot, young and attractive. Women desire to feel youthful and beautiful. They also want to know that you still think they are as attractive as the first day you met. A simple pat or pinch on the bum can be enough to make your wife feel a hint of romance every day. Before you leave for work, maybe you give her a kiss on the cheek and give her a cute pat on the backside. This is a way to show her the desire that you have for her and make her feel young. This technique also works to spice things up in the bedroom. If you have never done this before, then your wife will be pleasantly surprised by this new behavior. Even if your wife tends to be more conservative, change things up and surprise her with this move.

Maybe you have some making up to do with your wife, and a simple pinch or pat on the bum certainly won’t fix matters. If this is your case, then setting aside time to spend with your wife is the ultimate romantic move. When we value our relationships with someone, we show them this value by making time in busy schedules to be with them. Ask your wife ahead of time what her schedule looks like for the next week. Ask her to pick a day when the two of you can have dinner at home and without the kids. By clearing this with her ahead of time, you are showing respect for her schedule and that you want to spend time with her. She will love your consideration of her schedule and feelings.

Hosting a candlelit dinner at your home every now and then can work wonders in showing your wife that you can be the next romantic Frank Sinatra. Send the kids to a neighbor’s house or to the baby-sitter for a night. Cook a meal that you know your wife loves. You can even buy some candles that have aphrodisiacs in them to spice up the mood. When your wife walks into a home that is clean and sees a cooked dinner on the table, she will melt. Candles also seem to add a touch of romance to any scene. The cost of this romantic move can fit a frugal budget and give you time to spend with your wife.

If you are looking for a way to be romantic and surprise your wife, then remember that ordinary surprises can also be quite romantic. Take a look around the house and fix anything that needs a repair. You will be surprised by how much this seemingly non-romantic endeavor actually proves that you are hot, sexy and amazing in your wife’s eyes. When your wife sees that repairs have been made without her having to make a request to you, she will fall head over heels in love with you again. This type of action shows that you can anticipate your wife’s needs and will see that they have been met.

Another cute surprise that always shows your wife how much you value her is a bouquet of flowers. Pay attention to when your wife has a tough week at work or is just feeling stressed out. A bouquet of flowers can make her forget about all of the stress in her life and remind her about how much you care for her.