How to Create Healthy and Lasting Relationships

How to Create Healthy and Lasting RelationshipsLearning the art of how to create healthy and lasting relationships can begin at any age. Regardless of past experiences, there’s no time like the present to learn new life skills for developing and sustaining a quality love life.

Although it may be easier to point the finger at someone else, each of us is responsible to bring out our innermost qualities and work hard to become the best that we can be. Once we achieve self-awareness and begin to strive for personal excellence, love will naturally follow with a deeper and richer understanding of human interpersonal relationships. Getting started is a snap when you apply the ten-point plan:

1. Respect Your Differences
When entering into a new relationship, it is key to understand and respect each other’s differences. Too often a person wants a partner that reflects himself rather than appreciating her as a unique individual. Do not expect her to be molded into you. Your interests, hobbies and activities may intertwine on some issues, however, a rational man understands that each of you needs time alone to cultivate oneself.

2. Quality Time Spent Together
Each of you must make time from your busy schedules to love, laugh and share together. To ensure you’re living life to the fullest, plan your time together around interests and activities that you both share. New experiences are fine once and a while, however, you want to build your relationship on solid ground with recreation that you both enjoy. Some women tend to be very flexible and passive when asked about where you are going to go as a couple, so be sure to ask her many questions to get to the heart of the matter on what interests her the most.

3. Take An Interest In Her Life
One of the most telling attributes that a husband or boyfriend cares is when he gets involved in her life and supports her affairs. This may be lending ideas and moral support to her career, encouraging her studies or helping out with her daily domestic lifestyle.

4. Know Who You Are Dealing With
Past loves and relationships are all pluses when it comes to experience. However, women are not all created equal and, therefore, a sharp and astute boyfriend must learn to adjust to his new girlfriend’s personality type. If you are attracted to strong and competent women, she will lead in certain situations and you will take the reins in others. Like Kenny Rogers once sang, ” Know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em”.

5. Open and Honest
Your new love interest wants you to be open and honest with your feeling and intentions. Holding back can become a trap that may harm your reputation for honesty and veracity. Speak what’s on your mind and be sure to fill her in on the issues that are important to you, whether you believe she can be of assistance or not. The most common grenade to blow up a relationship is when one partner cannot trust the other.

6. Take Responsibility For Your Own Happiness
Happiness comes from within and never from another person. You must follow your own desires to make your life rich and rewarding, whether it be a golf game on Sundays or learning a new skill. Adding quality recreation and stimulating interests works both ways for men and women to feel alive, vibrant and relevant.

7. Clear Ground Rules For the Relationship
Setting clear ground rules for the relationship is essential to predict and understand the behavior of each partner. If you are new to the relationship, she may wish to see other people. If you are consumed with college and work, she must understand the limitations on your time. Whatever describes your unique situation, it’s important to vocalize the issues and make sure that she understands. Left undone, you are both heading down the pathway of disappointment and hurt feelings.

8. Forgiveness
If your relationship is worth holding on to, you must learn to say you’re sorry and encourage her to do the same. Nobody is perfect and pride must not get in the way of defusing a volatile situation. Apologize when appropriate and keep your heart open to accept an apology from her.

9. Learn To Laugh
Laughter is good for a relationship and keeps the atmosphere light and easy. Although not everyone has an A+ sense of humor, you can make the best of things by watching comedy movies, stand-up shows, and learning to find the humor in life with the world around you. People who do not laugh their way through life eventually turn into the prune-faced fuddy-duddy that none of us wish to become. So get busy early in your years and learn to take things less seriously and make your partner smile.

10. Keep Your Feet On the Ground
Setting the relationship bar too high can lead to disappointment and the feeling that she is not good enough for you. This may prove true in the long haul, however, when you are just starting out, you need to give her a chance to reveal her inner self. Most people set unrealistic expectations that even themselves could not adhere to. When you expect too much, it’s a done deal that you are going to get your heart broken.