How To Teach Children Respect and Values

It is easier to build a great child than to try to mend a broken adult. Statistics show that children growing up without a father in the home are more likely to engage in risky behavior. They tend to have sex earlier and they have problems with alcohol and drugs more than children in two parent homes. Facts do not lie, and the statistics are indicating that fatherless children are in trouble. The affects of the absence of a father last forever. No one can take the place of a father in their child’s life. No, the mother can not substitute for their presence. Many women raise kids alone; however, the void that an absent father leaves can never be filled.

Current society is radically different than days gone by. The notion that parents should teach children respect and values has greatly diminished. Parents are busy; they are caught up in providing all of the gadgets and latest technology. Working takes up the majority of every day; many kids are left to fend for themselves. Some parents believe that the teacher should teach children respect and values. Others send their children to Sunday school hoping that the teacher their can fill the gap. The buck is being passed and children are being greatly affected. Respect and values are the foundation for a healthy adult.

Furthermore, our society needs the structure of these virtues. Children that grow up without these fundamental building blocks are in great danger. They are more likely to be in trouble with the law, and they are more likely to drop out of school. All is not lost. Regardless of what point a father is at in their relationship with their child, the father can still change course. Unfortunately, the hands of time can not be turned back, but that does not have to stop a parent from putting in the work necessary to build a healthy child. A few basic tools can truly make a big difference in a child’s life.

Time is the most important thing that a parent can give. Quality time is what many children are starving for in their homes. Life is busy, but there is no do over with your children. Thus, it is important to arrange your life in a way that creates good pockets of time for your children. Quality time does not have to mean hours and hours. A half of hour playing a board game is priceless to a child. They benefit significantly having your complete attention. Watching a movie with your child is also good. Teachable moments occur in many movies, and a parent can use this time to teach respect and values. The child will most likely be able to relate to the lesson being taught. Thus, the movie becomes a tool that a parent can use to build an emotionally healthy child.

Faith is another important part of providing children with a sound foundation. Parents should model a faith-based life. Teaching children that life is bigger than what they see is important. The type of faith is not as important as there being some structure. People are free to believe in whatever they choose, but it is important to give them some type of constructive foundation. A parent provides a powerful example of respect and values by the life that they live in front of their children. Children are always watching, and a parent’s behavior and conduct has lasting consequences. It is very important to practice the lessons that you preach to your children.

Credibility is lacking in many homes. Children witness their parents living a life without integrity, and this influences them. A parent that lives contrary to what they are trying to teach is confusing to a child. Actions truly speak much louder than words can ever speak. No, one is perfect. There is no manual on how to raise the perfect child. No such thing can exists. Each parent must take the journey and use all of the tools at their disposal. Your child is worth the sacrifice, and they need you.