Important information for your babysitter

Hiring a babysitter is just not enough. For giving your baby or toddler the best, you need to let the babysitter know a lot of information about the kid and your family. This will ensure that the baby is in safe hands and is always happy even when you’re not around. Safety first; babies and toddlers suffer from food allergies, and the modern homes with hi-tech equipments are unsafe for the immature cute little one at your home. So take a pen and paper and write down the below checklist for your babysitter. Print outs often come in handy. This way, both you and your babysitter will be glad and comfortable in handling the kids.

The checklist containing necessary elements that your babysitter should know are as follows:
•    Family members’ names
•    Your address, home telephone number, mobile phone number and other necessary contact details (like office contact number, office address, etc.)
•    Contact details of other family members (like grandparents) and relatives
•    Food and other allergies suffered by the kids
•    Necessary medications, if any and incidental medications for asthma, wheezing, etc
•    Where the duplicate house keys are kept
•    Where the duplicate car keys are kept (if you don’t have a duplicate, do it right now)
•    Where first aid kit and other necessary medicines are kept
•    Where extra pillows, blankets are kept
•    Where flash lights are kept (to be used in case of emergencies like power failure)

These are the basic things to be included in your checklist. But the list of not over yet, you should include contact numbers of;
•    The places you’ll be at including the address
•    Your friends or relatives
•    Your family doctor (both official and after-hour)
•    Nearest hospital
•    Police department
•    Fire department
•    911
•    Poison hotline
•    Other hotline services in your area
•    Neighbors or someone nearby who can provide family information

Fire emergency situations may arise so include that too, the list is;
•    Everyone should get out of the house in case of fire
•    Provide a map of your house to the babysitter, show the most feasible and logical exits
•    Give the details of where fire extinguishers, blankets are
•    Include other necessary details, if any
Coming to the house rules;
•    Include the time limits and programs that are acceptable and unacceptable
•    Include the list of acceptable and unacceptable foods
•    Rules for playing outside
•    Children are not supposed to starve, so the kids should not be unattended with food
•    Discipline and disciplinary actions
•    Bedtime routine
When you should be contact is really important, include it in the checklist too;
•    If the kid is ill with fever or vomiting
•    If the child is injured very badly and needs higher treatment
•    When the child becomes out of control of the babysitter
•    When there is suspicious activities going on in the house like unusual visitors and phone calls, or any other breach of security.

Seems like a huge list, isn’t it? But once you are done preparing this list, take Xerox copies and keep it safe. Don’t forget to pin the checklist on a refrigerator or any prominent place which comes to the notice of the babysitter often.