Is Lack Of Sleep Causing Tension In Your Relationship?

Failure to sleep properly can make you irratable, moody, and less focused. After a bit, your brain and motor functions stop working as they should. Your spouse may not appreciate all the associated mood swings and lack of energy from not sleeping properly. You will be more likely to snap at her if she makes a mistake, or if you find her annoying or displeasing in some way. If she is not sleeping well, it can affect your relationship in the same way. She may be apt to snap at you, and it requires patience when dealing with such a person. Let’s all agree that poor sleeping patterns are bad for a marriage relationship.

There are any number of things you or your wife can do to improve your sleep. Exercise is one of these. It’s important to be active during the day. You need at least thirty minutes of cardio activity to circulate blood flow, keep blood pressure down, burn calories from food, and keep your central nervous system balanced in its interactions with brain activity. On the other hand, too much physical stress is bad for your body, and can actually cause you to become too exhausted to sleep. What you eat is very important. Protein and fiber are just two of the essential dietary ingredients you need to be getting from your food each day, but this is not enough. You should also get a certain number of carbohydrates and minerals. A multivitamin makes an excellent supplement to the nutrition you get each day from what you eat. On top of all of this, stress, both mental and emotional, can cause you to have trouble sleeping. Are you having problems at home or at work? It’s important to resolve them before it causes a chronic disruption to your sleep patterns and your work-life balance. In severe cases, seeing a counselor or therapist maybe helpful in working through whatever problems you may have. If it’s your marriage relationship that is at the root of the problem, this could be fueling your lack of sleep, which in turn could be affecting your relationship, trapping you in a vicious cycle. Therapy and marriage counseling will be helpful in moving the two of you past your problems. After all this, if you’re still having trouble sleeping, and it isn’t due to some physical or mental problem or discomfort, your problem could very well be the bed you’re sleeping on. Everyone’s body is different, and it could be that your bed is causing alignment problems in your neck, back and spine, making it hard for you to sleep comfortably. Something as simple as replacing your old mattress could help, or you may need a specially designed therapeutic bed. Sleep Number is one of these. It allows you and your spouse to adjust each side of your bed according to your body’s exact needs. Serta mattresses are very supportive and are made for everybody. They can last for years, and are a vast improvement over the old-style mattresses that have been sold in the past. Your box springs may also need replaced. Old coils that are worn out or have been poorly designed to begin with can be very rough on your body, especially if you have arthritis or some other painful condition. If, after all of this, you can’t pinpoint the source of your insomnia, consult a doctor right away. He can offer a program of therapy and possibly medication to help calm your body so you can sleep at night. If you are able to wake up in the morning well-rested and full of energy, you will be better prepared to be there for your spouse and work out any problems in your relationship with patience and wisdom. Sleep, more than anything else, can reduce stress and mental exhaustion, contributing to a better overall sense of well being, giving you a more harmonious relationship with your wife.