Keep Your Child Safe With Amber Alert GPS

Knowing where your child is at is the most important piece of information any parent can have. The slightest doubt in any mother or father’s head will cause panic like no other. Amber Alert which was named after Amber Hagerman who was kidnapped and murdered in Arlington, Texas has a new device to make all parents feel safer about the whereabouts of their children. Amber Alert has come up with the ingenious Amber Alert 2G GPS child locator device. This device is the smallest Amber Alert GPS device ever made. It is so portable that it can fit in your child’s bookbag, on their wrist, or on their hand.

The Amber Alert GPS child locator device is activated when you send a message to the device either from your cell phone or computer and a map will pop up on your screen that shows you the location and movements of your child. This incredible device also enbables you to set a zone to which your child is confined. If your child would go outside the set zone, you will get an alert letting you know what the situation is. Another must needed feature on the Amber Alert GPS is that it has an SOS button on it. Anytime your child is in a dangerous situation which he or she needs help they can just press the button and you will receive their message of help.

More of the array of features that the Amber Alert GPS child locator has is a feature called bread crumbing. This allows you to know and see the moment by moment actions that your child is making. Using sports analogy, you get a play by play feel of whats going on. For parents with teenagers, the Amber Alert GPS has a speed limit feature on it that allows parents to see how fast their live for the moment teenagers are driving.

Of all the great that this Amber Alert child tracking device has done for parents, it does have its drawbacks. You need a smartphone (Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile phone) to view the map the GPS provides. Spending an additional $200-$300 on a phone along with the GPS seems a bit excessive. Also if every cell phone is linked to the GPS, anytime you get a update on speed limits or location every phone will receive the alert. No way to pick which phones receive certain messages or alerts. Unfortunately, the Amber Alert GPS child locator on gives you information that is up to the date. It is impossible on this device to view past history and past locations that were visited by your child.

The Amber Alert GPS locator 2 G is a life saving device that is priced at $199.00. This device is available in many colors that include blue, pink, black, and silver. Depending where you order the device at you may qualify for free shipping or even a discount off of this device.

All the features that this wonderful device offers can make any parent feel like they are going above and beyond to protect their family. FBI reports that the first 24hrs. in a child abduction case are most important. Chances of finding the child alive after that time is very rare. Why compete with odds when you can have the upperhand in this very dangerous world. The Amber Alert GPS child locator is a very light, small as a pager type of device that can bring ease to the mind of every parent.