Keeping Things Fresh In Your Marriage

Marriage can be challenging, but if you make the right moves, if can also be the most amazing experience of your life. Why do so many marriages fail yet others are so successful? While there are exceptions, in many cases a husband will take a wife for granted. This is when trouble is on the horizon. If you find yourself falling into this category, remind yourself that relationships take work like anything else. Then again, who wants to hear the word work when it comes to marriage? Men certainly don’t. However, the word ‘work’ doesn’t have to be taken literally here. It just means a little more effort in certain areas, and some of these areas can be a lot of fun.

How can you work at keeping a marriage fresh? There are a few obvious answers. One is to surprise her with a gift. Be careful when you do this, though. Flowers usually mean you’re sorry, which might make her suspicious. Chocolate usually means you love her, but many women will resent chocolate because they will be too tempted to eat it, which will add calories. Your best bet is always going to be jewelry. If that’s a little too expensive for you, at least splurge for a massage. Try to remember the early days of your relationship prior to your marriage, when you would buy anything for her and she was a priority. You don’t need to go to that extent as far as spending is concerned, but at least buy her something that will let her know she’s the most important person in your life. Another way to surprise her is with a romantic dinner, but make it unique. Go to a restaurant with waterfront dining, get to a restaurant early and request to meet the chef, or set-up a rooftop dinner. The more adventurous and creative you are, the more it will be appreciated.

While the above options are great for the short-term, they won’t keep your marriage fresh for the long-term. In order to do that, you need to focus on four major factors. They are sex, humor, hobbies, and space.

As far as sex is concerned, the more the better. Sex has been proven to release a large amount of endorphins into the bloodstream. This leads to a happier mood. Another reason sex is so important is because it will make her feel attractive and wanted. Also, when you’re in bed, take your time to love her. This will go a very long way. If you’re not sure what this means, gentle touching, caressing, and kissing are always great options. The neck is always a good place to start. If sex ever becomes mundane, talk about it. Don’t make it formal, though. This can be dangerous. Bring it up casually and you will get a better and more honest response. Having this conversation over a bottle of wine is a great idea.

Humor is another great way to reduce stress. If you’re not funny, don’t worry about it. Have you ever noticed that people love to be around other people who laugh a lot? The person laughing isn’t necessarily funny, but they’re enjoyable to be around. This doesn’t mean you should fake laughter. It means you should really attempt to find humor in the things you see and do. Believe it or not, once you get used to it, it works. After time, you won’t only make you’re wife happier, but you will find yourself being happier.

Hobbies are extremely important when it comes to marriage. It’s very possible to get along well without having the same hobbies, but when you both have the same hobby, you’re spending quality time. If you don’t have a hobby together and you own a home, landscaping and garden work are excellent options. You’re working together for a common goal while enjoying the outdoors and getting exercise.

The final key factor for keeping things fresh in your marriage is to give each other space. Balance is very important when it comes to space. In other words, don’t go out every night with your friends, and don’t suffocate her. If each one of you goes out once per week, that’s usually a great set-up. You’re not apart too much and you will appreciate each other’s time more when you’re together.

Follow these key steps at find yourself enjoying married life more than ever before. You might even make single people feel jealous.