Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the New Father

“Having a baby changes so many things” is a phrase you will hear again and again as you begin your journey into parenthood. With the constant diaper changes, your wife’s mood swings, the lack of sleep, and all of the other joys being a new Daddy brings, you may not even notice that Mother’s Day is upon you until it is too late. Mark the date on your calendar and set alarms on your iPhone because Mother’s Day is a day you never want to miss again. If you know what is good for you, at least.

All jokes aside, Mother’s Day is a very important day for all new Moms. You want to give some serious consideration to your gift before you just swing by the mall and pick up a piece of jewelry and call it a day. The sacrifices your partner made throughout her pregnancy and will continue to make for the rest of her days deserve some special recognition. There are some thoughtful gift ideas out there to mull over, all of which will make for a very happy momma on Mother’s Day.

Start a Collection
Women, as you surely know by now, love to collect things. It really does not matter what it is, but if it’s cute or thoughtful, it is likely to please. Consider buying a cameo or figurine of a mother and baby to mark this first year, then add another to her collection each year.

Get Creative
If money is an issue or you want something more personal, consider framing pictures of favorite milestones your baby has made. If you can handle being a bit sappy, purchase a hardbound journal and write her a love note telling her why you think she’s a great mom. Being sweet does not require a ton of money on your part, and these types of personal gifts will score major brownie points with your partner.

Mommy Jewelry
One of the popular trends of recent years is “Mother’s Jewelry.” This jewelry is often a ring or a necklace that you personalize by choosing the birthstone of your baby. The necklaces, in particular, make a great choice as you simply add a new stone or charm for any future children that may come along.

Give Her a Break
One of the most appreciated gifts for any new mom is to simply give her time. Take a day off work and send your partner to the spa. Or for a budget friendly “Mommy Break,” light candles in the bathroom and draw her bath. Force her to take a time out, and while she’s soaking, fix dinner (or order take out). While she might resist at first, as new moms generally don’t like to leave the baby behind, she will thank you for making her give in.

Indulge Her Lost Cravings
Many women really enjoy the ability to eat whatever they like while pregnant. Once the baby arrives, there is a lot of pressure on a new mom to focus on eating healthy and losing weight. Let your partner know you love her just how she is, and indulge her sweet tooth with her favorite treats and a glass of champagne. If she tries to resist, promise her that the secret is safe with you. Slip a chick flick into the DVD player and walk away. She’ll cave in.

It doesn’t take a lot of money or exhausting trips to the mall to make your partner’s first Mother’s Day one that she will brag about to her friends. You can score double points by taking these suggestions and tweaking them to fit new Grandmothers as well. Just be careful, do not pick the same one for your own Mom as you do your partner, as disastrous results can occur.