Potty Training Girls – 6 Essential Tips For Potty Training Your Princess

Potty training, those two small words can strike fear into the heart of the most manly of fathers. Don’t worry dad, we’re here to help you out, calm your fears, and help you become a potty training pro and coach for your wonderful princess.

Tip #1 – Timing is everything
Don’t start too early. Many new parents make the mistake of trying to get their baby, toddler, or preschooler to follow their schedule, don’t fool yourself. Even the youngest children have their own biorhythms and will progress at their own pace. Some children are ready to potty train as early as a year and a half, some, not until 3 or even 4. Having a girl means you’re in luck, as a general rule girls are easier to train than boys and it is much more likely that she will train earlier than a boy would.

Tip #2 – Equipment is essential
Little bottoms need little potties. Imagine having to sit on a toilet that you could fall into or off of, not a very secure feeling, is it? Now, imagine everything about the world being new and scary. That is how your little one may feel using a full-sized potty, even one with the toddler seat attached. Especially in the beginning, a small toddler potty is best. If you feel you want to try the toddler seat attached to the adult toilet make sure it attaches securely and is comfortable for your daughter. In addition, you will need to provide her with a stool to reach the seat.

Tip #3 – Ownership is key
Your little one needs to buy into the whole potty experience. When you first purchase her potty have her decorate it with stickers, sit on it with her pants up, whatever you have to do to help her feel that it is hers. Bring her favorite doll or stuffed animal in for demonstrations before actually having her try. Read books and watch videos that help her see the importance of being a “big girl” and using the potty. When she is convinced this is a good thing she will be more likely to be cooperative.

Tip #4 – Plan, Plan, Plan
Just like a coach plans for every possible twist and turn in a game, you need to have a plan for the little uh-ohs of life. Questions like, when should we start, how quickly will we try to have her completely trained, what happens when she has an accident (always carry extra clothes), and when will we back off, should be discussed by mom and dad before the potty even comes in the house.

Tip #5 – Slow and steady wins the race
Remember, you aren’t running a race. Give it some time; be patient. If your daughter doesn’t respond right away then step back, give her another month or two to mature. Rushing and potty training too early will make it a miserable experience for everyone. Not only that but, in the long run it will end up taking longer than if you had backed off and given her some time.

Tip #6 – Celebrate success
Make sure, as you are going through the process, that you praise her often and a lot. Toddlers thrive on the praise and attention of those they are closest to, mom and dad. Make sure you both take the time to tell her how proud you are of her and what a big girl she is. Over do it if you want. She needs to know that this is a great accomplishment.

In short, be patient, have fun with it, help your little girl have fun with it. Remember, in the grand scheme of things this is a small step. She will accomplish and master potty training and you might find you’ll all have a little fun along the way.