Potty Training Tips

There are many potty training tips that can make your life a lot easier. Every child is different and potty trains on their own time frame. You many have to experiment with different methods until you find one that works for your little one.

Positive Reinforcement
Positive reinforcement, also know as bribery, is a great potty training tool. If your child knows that they will be receiving a reward for going to the potty, of course they are going to be more willing to use it. It doesn’t have to be expensive toys. Something as simple as a few pieces of candy or a sticker for each trip to the potty will make their little eyes gleam with excitement.

Learning By Example
Most little boys want to emulate their father. By taking your little guy with you to the bathroom, they learn by example. They want to wear the big boy underwear and pee into the potty just like daddy does. Of course, most little boys do not have good aim to begin with. It will take some work but with dad at the helm they will learn!

Ovation and Praise
Show your child that you are proud of them every time that they go to the potty. Give them lots of love, hugs and kisses. Making a huge deal out of a small task can be a great motivator for your little one. After a while, they will appreciate the extra praise and attention and let you know when they have to go.

Some find using a schedule very helpful in potty training. Take your child to the potty on a regular 20 to 30 minute schedule even if they show no initial signs of having to go. This method is often used by daycare facilities and preschools. After a while they will start telling you when they have to go rather than waiting for you to take them. If they fail to initiate the use of the potty, there are many things that you can buy to help remind them, such as watches or toys.

Number 2 Fright
Sometimes it is easy to train a child to pee into the potty but going number 2 is not so easy. They fear the flushing away of something that came from them. There are lots of very cute and helpful books on the market about potty training and flushing. It is not always easy to explain things in a way that a toddler or young child can understand. For this reason books can be a great training tool.

Use an actual potty instead of a potty seat
For some little ones, using the potty seat that fits on the toilet lid can be intimidating and frightening. Start out with a smaller potty that be placed on the floor in your bathroom or whatever location is best for your child. Once they become comfortable with using the potty try to move them up to the potty seat. This may require patience but will not be so stressful for the child.