Projects for Fathers and Sons

Projects for Fathers and SonsFather and son bonding is a very important part of growing up. This relationship will greatly affect the shape of the man he will grow into. Therefore, it’s important to find good activities to build this relationship.

Common Activities

Here is a list of the most common father and son activities.


Naturally this list will start out with the most popular father and son activity. Fishing is one of the oldest pastimes. The quiet allows for bonding. Heck, most of us probably remember when our fathers took us fishing for the first time. We can remember the first time we tied a hook – when we learned to cast. Most importantly, we remember catching our first fish. Just remember to take your camera and give them a memory that will last a lifetime.

Playing Catch

Another American pastime. Fathers and sons have been playing catch for over a century. Just like fishing, this is a great opportunity to talk with your son. During these activities, they are more open to your advice. The sad thing is that more and more parents are opting not to take part in these pastimes. They claim not to have time. Make the time!


There’s no better place to connect with your son than the outdoors. Also, there are numerous opportunities to impart wisdom and knowledge on your son. These opportunities are priceless.

Take your Son to the Big Game

Men love sports. Going to a game will bring you closer together with your son and give you something to share. There’s something about live sports that adds to the sports experience. Share hot dogs. This can be a memorable experience.


Another outdoors pastime. Hunting is a great place to catch up on life. You can talk about anything at all – believe me, there’s plenty of time. Who knows? Maybe your son will even bag a trophy. Either way, hunting trips create memories that last a lifetime.

Road Trip

A road trip is another great place that gives you and your son plenty of time to talk. As an added bonus, you get to show off your knowledge of the world and show them new things. Just make sure your son leaves his video games and phone at the house or else you risk him not paying attention.

Charity Work

Teach your son good values by participating in charity work. The lesson learned is not the only value of this venue. It gives you a chance to connect with your son and will also let them connect to other people. Learning good habits like this is priceless.


Ensure that your son has a basic understanding of car mechanics. Even if you’re one of the people who don’t know a lot about cars, you can use this activity to learn together. There’s something about cars and men that leads to bonding.

Uncommon Activities

Here is a list of more uncommon father and son activities.

Build a Rocket and Launch It

Actually, this is a very easy activity. It’s also very enjoyable for both adults and kids. All that’s required is a trip to the local hobby store. This activity will lead to a lot of bonding as well as teach your son how to build things. There’s also the added satisfaction of watching your creation launch high into the air. It also teaches your son that anything is possible.

Watch the Sky – Man Style

If you guessed a telescope, then you are correct. Looking up at the moon on a clear night is one thing – seeing it through a telescope is another experience altogether. If you want to make this a reoccurring hobby, then investing in a really good telescope might be a good idea. With a good enough telescope, you can look at the moons around Jupiter.