Teaching Your Daughter To Be Handy

Teaching Your Daughter To Be HandyMany men think about teaching their son how to work on things and how to use tools, but a lot of men forget that their daughter could benefit from these skills as well. Teaching your daughter how to be handy around the house gives you an opportunity to spend time with her, and your daughter will be learning valuable skills that she can use for life.

Spend Time With Your Daughter While You Are Working On Things

One of the best ways of teaching is by example. When working on your vehicle or something around the house, invite your daughter to sit and chat with you while you are doing. At first, you don’t have to actually teach her how to use the tools; simply explain to her what each tool does and what you are trying to accomplish. Even if she doesn’t seem interested, chatting with her about school or her friends while you are working on things is a great way to bond, and she may soak up more information than you think. It will also be a great introduction to the lessons that you will be teaching her.

Start Out Small

You have to remember that your daughter probably has no tool-related skills, so you have to start out small when teaching her how to be handy. Show her how to hammer a nail into a wall, and show her how to remove screws using a screwdriver. Once she learns some of these basic tasks, ask her to do them for you next time you are working on something. This will allow her to sharpen her skills, and she’ll enjoy being able to help you with what you are doing.

Teach Her Basic Skills That She Can Actually Use

There are plenty of situations when your daughter could really benefit from having a few basic skills in her life. Learning how to do certain things on her own will help her to become independent, and it can also save her a lot of money later on down the road. One of the first things to teach her is how to change a car tire. Next time that you have a flat tire, invite your daughter to help you. Show her each tool that is needed for the job, and show her out to use it.

Assembling furniture is another handy skill that your daughter will need when she moves out on her own. Next time you purchase a bookshelf, entertainment center or other furniture that does not come pre-assembled, take the time to show your daughter each step of putting it together. Show her how to follow the instructions, and explain to her how each tool works.

Buy Her A Set Of Tools

Once your daughter reaches a certain age and has begun to learn about using tools through your guidance, consider buying her her own set of tools. She won’t need anything too expensive or fancy, and a small set with a few basic tools, such as a hammer and a few screwdrivers, shouldn’t cost too much. If your daughter is a girly-girl, take a look at some of the feminine tool sets that are available — some even come in purple or pink. After you have bought her a tool set, invite her to use her own tools to help you with household projects.

Be Patient

Things that seem simple to you can be difficult to your daughter to grasp at first, so make sure that you are patient with her. If you feel yourself getting frustrated when trying to teach your daughter basic skills, consider putting it to the side and continuing the lesson another day. Getting irritated with your daughter or making her feel incompetent can cause her to give up on learning these skills permanently, so make sure to be as patient and encouraging as possible, and cheer her on when she does put something together on her own or when she learns a new skill.