The debate over spanking

Spanking is one of the most controversial debates when it comes to parenting. It is a disciplinary method used when kids do something wrong; essentially used for putting kids on the right path. The debate over spanking continues, as parents have differences of opinion when it comes to giving their child a swat on the butt. This has also caused commotion and rage on children, especially teens. Some parents define spanking as “a blow or hit on the butt of a child”, whilst some parents define spanking as “punishment for any extremely bad behavior”. The kids think spanking is an embarrassment to themselves and among peers. Spanking depends on the parents as well as the kid. Many parents don’t encourage spanking and they don’t spank their kids. If the kid does not listen to his parents, sometimes it may be necessary to spank. If the kid is alright, the parents will have no need to spank.

Let’s see; the debate over spanking is ongoing and seemingly incessant. In order for us to reach an acceptable conclusion, we should canvas the reasons for spanking, its effectiveness and other alternative methods to this controversial disciplinary method.

A majority of people from different parts of the world say spanking has been effective in making their kids behave properly. Many cultures practice spanking and argue that it’s an acceptable behavior. In the Southern United States, spanking is practiced a lot. These people believe spanking to be an acceptable behavior because it teaches their children to stay away from forbidden things and encourages them to do the right things. Very often, spanking is also used to quickly stop the kid from being irritating. Thought many parents debate that hitting children is wrong, some parents feel that other types of non-physical punishments like time-outs, cutting their monthly allowance, restricting them from doing certain things, etc. are not as effective as spanking.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, spanking is considered to be the least effective method of disciplinary action. Since kids feel humiliated, spanking only teaches them not to get caught the next time. It also sets bad examples to the children as they may start feeling that hitting is the right way to get things solved and this will lead the kid into more troubles. Remember, though spanking has been used since a long time, it may integrate criminal behavior, depression, aggression, etc. among children.

Alternatives to spanking include

  • Grasping an infants hand instead of slapping
  • Leaving the room if you’re placidity is eroding
  • Using strength and size to eliminate situations of spanking
  • Hitting on table instead of hitting the child
  • Clapping your hands
  • Grasping the child’s arms tightly and looking at his eyes – explain calmly

Finally, if you’ve changed your mind and don’t want to spank your child again, tell it to them as it’s very important to them.

Though spanking can be unstoppable at times, make sure you don’t spank your children. Instead, you can teach it to them the right way by showing unflustered behavior.