The Fail-Safe Impromptu Wedding Toast

Nobody enjoys being put on the spot, especially in a large crowd. Weddings are a time of great joy, unless you are put on the spot by being asked at the last second to say a toast. With the right outline, you can perform toasts confidently at any given moment.

In the beginning-
If you know anything about their childhood, now is the perfect time. It’s even better if you have a slightly embarrassing or funny incident you can bring up. The guests will enjoy a good chuckle, instead of a dead serious speech. Talk about how long you have known the happy couple, where you met or any relation you are to them.

The Beauty of Today-
Time can be easily filled in by talking about today. Talk about how beautiful the bride is, the classy location or setting of the wedding and how delicious the food is. Humor is a great touch here. If the groom is your buddy, you can talk about what a lucky dog he is to have landed such a beauty. You can talk about how your friend was smart in hiring a caterer instead of serving burnt grill offerings, if the couple BBQs. Humor is a sign of being comfort in talking, so by joking during your toast, you are showing people you are comfortable in talking about the couple. People will never suspect you of being nervous or unprepared.

Tips Please-
Everyone will get a kick out of any advice for the happy couple. Tips like, don’t ever go to bed angry, take one night a month for yourselves as date night or anything else you can suggest to them. You can always use humor in this place. You can joke about the language of marriage. It consists of two words: Yes dear. Another old standby line is “Never go to bed angry, stay up all night planning your revenge. It’s much more satisfying.” Get creative. You can be serious or humorous, whatever you can come up with.

If the bride or groom is a relative, make sure you officially welcome their better half to the family. Not only is the beginning of the marriage a time to get used to each other, but to their family as well. Toasting them into the family is a wonderful gift of acceptance that every new bride and groom will appreciate.

Get the Crowd Involved-
A great crowd solicits crowd participation. The crowd can participate by laughing at your humor. You can invite them to stand and join you in raising your glass to the couple. Even inviting the crowd to join in applauding the new couple as they start their journey together.

Wrap it Up-
A great toaster always wishes the happy couple a happy future. Use the closing to discuss all the happiness you wish for the couple. Tell them how you hope for years of happiness, may they grow happy and old together and may there be more better days then worse. You can end with another funny quip or you can offer a sincere heartfelt statement. Again, depending on what you are comfortable with.

A few do’s and don’ts-
Make sure you speak up. Soft spoken speeches say you are uncomfortable and unsure of yourself. Don’t insult the couple. It is only OK to talk about a mildly embarrassing moment you shared with them, but not if it will offend. Don’t accept a toasting assignment if you have made a few too many trips to the bar. You may think you’re being funny, but others will see you as a loud mouth, staggering drunk. Don’t be afraid to share a sappy well wish for longevity of their new adventure together. Girls will eat it up that you’re compassionate and sensitive.

Toasts can be funny, serious, sappy and sensitive. There are no set time limits that say a toast should be so many minutes long, just make it sincere. Follow the outline and you will have a successful toast every time.