Things a Daughter Should Know From Her Father

The first man in a woman’s life is her father. She learns how to interact with the opposite sex based on how she interacted with her father. Therefore it is vital to forge a strong father/daughter relationship from the beginning.

There are an infinite number of things a girl can learn from her father. Especially when they are young, everything is a learning experience. A father should always take the time to teach her what a quarterback’s job is when she curls up on the couch for some quality time on a Sunday afternoon. A father should instill the things that he enjoys in his daughter, whether it’s an afternoon of golfing, a particular heavy metal band of dad’s youth or a taking photographs in the park on a gorgeous spring day. A daughter will naturally come to love these things as well, if for nothing else, than the opportunity to spend time with her daddy. Additionally, these activities also provide memories she will always cherish.

Time is the most precious gift a child can receive and this statement has never been more true than for a father and his daughter. It is so much more than teaching a girl to sink a jump shot or cheering at her karate tournament. Activities together, naturally, are important, but the reason they are so important to because time spent with dad helps boost a daughter’s self esteem and self worth. After all, if her own father doesn’t want to spend time with her, why would anyone else?

Conversation is also critical in this relationship. A daughter wants to feel like she is heard when she talks and that her father at least tries to understand. A good dad’s job is to ensure his daughter never forgets that she is beautiful, intelligent and a worthwhile human being. This becomes particularly trying during the tumultuous teenage years. By building a strong foundation when she is young, a father can lessen the hardship of adolescence for the daughter who feels she always has a protector in her father. There is nothing more validating as a father than to have his little girl come to him for love, advice and support.

Just as important as being a provider and protector, a father needs to teach his daughter to be independent and self-sufficient as well. A daughter, perhaps even more than a son, should know that nothing is unattainable for her. Her talents should be praise and any criticism kept gentle. Unwaivering support and unconditional love are difficult, but crucial.

A father/daughter relationship is both intricate and complicated. A father will make dozens of mistakes along the way. However, it will be the most rewarding relationship in any father’s life. There is nothing on earth, more gratifying than hearing a girl say, “I learned that from my dad.”