Time Tested Tips For Fathers

Children in the United States today face a number of challenges and troubles in modern society, and are subject to all sorts of pressures from peers and mass media marketing, which can make the world a very confusing place for them to figure out. If you are a father, it is important to know that your children need you more than ever, as you will easily be one of the two most important people in your children’s lives. Because children are the future, it is important for men everywhere to know a few good things about fatherhood, in order to help shape a better future for their offspring and communities. This guide will present some of the best time tested tips for new fathers that have been passed down from veteran fathers and parents.

Perhaps the most basic tip any new father should keep in mind is to be present. Millions of children all over the country grow up in single parent homes, and while there are plenty of capable mothers who will do everything they can to raise their children in the best ways possible, there is no substitute for a two parent home with a mother and father who are present and involved in doing what’s best for their children. Do whatever you can to remain a part of your child’s life, even if things with the mother don’t work out exactly the way either of you had hoped. Even if you do not live with your children, make the effort to see them as often as you can. Support them, both financially and emotionally. Years from now they will look back on their childhoods as adults and the degree to which you were there in their memories will significantly affect the way they see you now, as well as the world.

A related tip any new father should keep in mind is to set an example. Countless studies have indicated that children learn an incredible amount about how the world works and how to treat themselves and others by watching what their parents do. If you are a father in the home of your child, you can rest assured that your child is soaking up everything you do like a little sponge. To that effect, if there are habits you have that you don’t want to pass on to your children, make every effort to keep from engaging in those habits in front of them. If you smoke, try to quit. If you are still in the process of quitting, do your best not to smoke in front of your children. Similarly, if you drink and don’t want your children to experiment with alcohol to excess while they are young, you should not drink to excess in front of them. The same principles apply to any other habits you would rather your children not pick up, such as cursing or yelling or treating others poorly.

A related tip to the above one of setting an example that any new father should keep in mind is the importance of honoring the mother of your children. It is absolutely essential to treat your wife or girlfriend with as much respect as you can muster whenever you are in your home with your children. Violence is always unacceptable, and your partner deserves all that you can give when it comes to caring for your children and setting a positive example for them in the home. This doesn’t mean that you can’t argue with your partner or have a bad day or become frustrated at things she has or hasn’t done or upset at life; these things will happen to everyone. However, there are clear differences between having arguments and yelling or striking people, and the latter choices are unacceptable ones for men interested in being the best fathers possible. Treasure your partner and your children and you will do well.