Tips for the Father of the Bride Speech

It is the most important day in your daughter’s life. She’s getting married to the man of her dreams and she wants everything to be perfect. The entire day is centered around the two of them. The father of the bride has two main duties. He is to walk her down the aisle and later give a speech. These are two seemingly small jobs, but when she looks back on her wedding day, these are two things she will remember. She will remember how she felt and the words she heard. Walking her down the aisle takes a short rehearsal and requires very little of the father. The speech is a bit more taxing. What should the father talk about? How long should it be? It needs to be sentimental and heartfelt, and with a little planning the perfect words can be found.

Humor is always good to use in a speech given at a wedding. An opening joke can take away momentary sadness and lighten the mood. Any jokes used should be in good taste and appropriate for the audience. Another effective way to start a speech is to use a story. Talk about something funny that happened in the past or tell a story about the couple. It is important that the bride and groom do not feel too embarrassed so save the really personal ones for at home!

Some other appropriate topics for speeches from the father of the bride include how long the parents have known the groom and some things they have done together. Often friends of the families and sometimes even relatives do not know how the couple met. If appropriate for the audience, this is also something that could be talked about. Remember to mention special people in the speech, such as the mother of the bride. Thank those special people for being a part of this joyous day and the couple’s new life together. Lastly, don’t forget to express how truly happy you are for the new couple. After all, it is the first day of the rest of their lives. It should start with the parents’ blessing!

Here are some tips for giving an unforgettable speech.
1) Keep the speech under ten minutes. While people will listen politely as long as you speak, it is important not to talk too long. The average person’s attention span is around ten minutes, so anything under this mark will be perfect. That being said, make sure the speech is also not too short. Long speeches can become uncomfortable and short ones can seem too blunt. Make sure the speech is at least three minutes long.
2) Do plan what you want to say, but don’t make it scripted. Writing out every single word is not necessary. Note cards are perfectly acceptable and can be easily kept in a coat pocket. If note cards are used, write down key points that you want to remember and go from there. Often the best words are spoken while in the moment.
3) Speak with confidence. You have the full attention of the room and everyone wants to hear what you have to say. You are one of the closest people to the bride and she undoubtedly looks for your approval and appreciates everything that is said. Be sure to speak loud enough that the audience can hear each and every word!

The last bit of advice is to relax and remember who the speech is really for: the bride and groom. Say the words sincerely and speak from the heart. Your words will mean more than any gift the couple might receive that day.